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Thank you for entering my circling realm of sacred sound. Drums and rattles were the one of first sacred tools used by healers. The first tool is our voice. Drums are born to enhance our vision, activate our power, and be guides as we navigate being human animals made up of Great Mystery.

It is my honor to offer these allies to you.

part one

Part one is for your consumption as soon as you order your sacred sound.

Please get to know this whole page in both it’s parts so you have a good idea of the land you are entering. There are several step and the time frame is spirit driven…so it’s not exactly a typical purchase. You may have questions…I invite you to first ask if you are able to trust the process before asking me. If yes…snuggle into your center and listen or oracle that shit. If no…email me at witchynis@gmail.com. Now that you’ve said yes to drum medicine, I have options for you. Please fill out this form now so I can begin.

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Choices are sacred power lines. You have some choices to make. Or, you can choose me to do my witchy-thang and listen for what you really need. There is no right or wrong...no better than the other. Bigger does not necessarily mean deeper. AND...no matter the size, the sound will change. More on that later. Choose from that feeling of knowing. In some cases with Drums, you may have more choices to make beyomd this page. I will email you if there are choices you need to make that can't be predicted here.
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From One Body, Many Are Born.

This space is the space of transformation & evolution. Transforming the matter of the animals' hides. Transforming their skin & fur into a naked womb to create rebirth of sound medicine. Evolving from one form into another. Evolving from life…to death…to life again. Evolving what we see. Crossing thresholds.

The Real Deal.

The truth is...the sacred sound medicine I make only occurs when an animal has died from a hunt me, my family, or trusted friends have made. A life was taken, honored, transformed, and rebirthed. And no matter how pretty I make it all sound, the truth is...an animal died. And this is sad. It needs to be sad. It can also be celebrated while being sad. I believe that I can best honor the gift of their body by doing what I do and by also never loosing sight of the sadness. I want them to see me continue the practice of acknowledging the gift of their life that they gave in death. I ask that you join me in doing the same...feeling the sadness of it and saying THANK YOU. 

The process of me transforming the hides and midwifing your sacred sound can have mirrors and messages all over the place for you. Remain open. Listen with sacred ears.

Feel Your Feels. Shed The Layers. Strip. Listen. Rebuild.

Disclaimer::this video is showing your the nitty gritty truth that may be difficult for some...one might say they are "graphic". To me, it's a way of life and tradition. To me, it's the vulnerable spotlight of digging deep. To me, it's why I do what I do and how I do the honoring of these animals with my hands & heart. Consider steadying yourself before watching. Consider asking if you are willing & able to face possible triggers & judgements. Showing the bloody, muddy truth of the wild is part of my purpose and a way to honor my medicine. AND...I respect anyone's truth that may not be ready to witness it. There is still much for you to experience if you feel a "no" to this video. 

“How we treat death is how we show up in Life.”
— Nissa


(*for those who watched)

What came up for you?

What do you notice about what came up?

Wisdom the poison…

Gather the medicine…

Choose the truer truth…

stories of their transformation

This is the section where I share the stories I received from the animals as I work their hides. The drums I’m making from my list will be made by the powers and medicines below. You may or may not know which one you are receiving. Enjoy them all…there is something for everyone in them. These stories are peppered with both oracling of my human experience of working them AND the messages from them directly. There is more to these stories…and what is missing is YOUR visions and truths that come from listening. These stories are shared to give you a place to connect, listen, receive, and feel out some shit. I invite you to keep your declarations close as you listen, and sniff out some medicine already in action for you. Here are the stories from the fleshing beam…

Cow Elk who gives us the Essesnce of Wild Woman


Essence of Wild Woman

She brings the winds and the ravens

Essence of Wild Woman in the winds that she brings.

Cow Elk who brings us the Power of FEELing


Power of FEELing

the more you feel the easier you release

Video collage from power of FEELing

part two

Part two is for your consumption AFTER you receive your sacred sound.

Begin Again...Re-birthed & Received

This section is intended for when you have your hot lil' hands on your drum. It is a guide for you to make the most out of your first moments together & building relationship with it. But first, click HERE to get your 1 hour mentor session booked. It’s up to you whether you want to hold off opening the package until then or not. If you can’t wait to open it…continue on. If you want me to hold space for you while you open…then wait until your session.

I invite you to Smudge and call in your sacred space. Call in whatever it is that supports you spiritually. Then begin the unwrapping...and unwrap yourself to it. Take your time and open slowly...sensually...sacredly. My experience has been these are living items. And they chose you as much as you chose them. Get to know them. Listen to them. Speak your unspeakable truths to them. Fall in love.

After a spell, I invite you to go into a journey with the intention to meet the spirit of your drum or rattle. Ask the spirit to show or tell you how it sees you. Give it a gift and receive a gift from it. Does it have a mantra, medicine for you to take, or power it is bringing you? Do whatever else feels natural to you and if it begins to heal you in the process....LET IT!

Go Deeper

Soon after, re-read your declarations and look for all the ways this magic is manifesting already. Then you can journey with your sacred sound to explore what to do next on your path.

Build a relationship with it. It is a body that holds a spirit guide that has come forward JUST. FOR. YOU. It has chosen to be with you as you make your own medicine and shift your shit. It's superpower is to shift your shit...let it. It came from a living, breathing thing. It may have transformed, but it is still a living breathing thing in a different form. It will change if it needs to. I take care to make all elements free to be worked with by you in the future if it is time for the medicine to change with YOU.

Play with it. Tone or sing awkwardly. Move with it. Fuck perfection....Flow with the sounds to freedom. How you build this relationship will be as unique as you are. Take it slow with 5 minutes a day of just playing & observing & building connection. Take it fast with grabbing it with your grateful hands and head right into deep whole-making and scar-making. Take it somewhere in between or beyond. What matters is that you DO with it. What matters is that you use it to BE more of who you are and keep living, choosing, behaving and DOing from that awareness of you.

Sound is energy flowing through physical space. It's other-worldly right here in our lil' ol' human world. That is why it is so powerful. It has the ability to penetrate spaces & fields of energy and vibrate them into neutrality. Pretty cool huh? If it feels "too powerful", sit with it daily and journey to it to make compassionate motions towards you feeling "worthy". I put these things in quotes because I honor their realism in our human animal self AND I can see how they are complete and utter bullshit created by the small-makers. It's okay to love the small maker...it will help them grow in potential.


A Bit About Care...

It is skin, after all, It will re-hydrate if left in rain or taken into shower...and it will dry out again. Sometimes they need oil. More often you will need water. If you have the nudge to oil it, it needs oil. I recommend a light oil like grapeseed or similar. I use a rag or paper towel to lightly coat the skin and sometimes use another rag or paper towel to wipe off what doesn’t get absorbed. Like I said, you will more likely water your drum, so I recommend keeping a spray bottle of water near where you store your drum. Often it needs some water to loosen up it’s voice. Spritz either the front, the back, or both…you will know in your knowing. Listen. Give it a breath or 7 and give it’s sound a try. Explore. When it has the sound you need on that day, just go with how your animal body responds. Trust.

Weather, humidity & environment effects skin. Sometimes a ripple will show up. And I've witnessed multiple times how our resistance to this imperfection can feed the ripple. And it's a reflection for you...go there with it. How do you handle your own imperfections? Etc… The ripple will change…you will change…tend to the drums’ needs…tend to YOUR needs. Skin is a body element that is mutable, and reactive to the environment. The skin of your sacred sound may change sound, tone, and performance. Tune in...what does it need? Heat? Cool? Spritz of water? Oil? Again with the reflections...can you accept it?

Consider...all you have gleaned from the messages in this process.. Consider...what does it take to care for this power? Consider...the boundaries, environment, and ingredients needed to care for this power. YOU will need the same as you step into the power and medicine you have called forth at this time in your life. It is time...you are safe...you are powerful...you are wise and wild...you are supported in all you do by your sacred sound.

Storage. Your drum will know what it needs and it’s needs may change. I use my drums damn near daily, so I have them hung on the wall throughout the house for easy use. It looks like art AND it’s medicine. The practical-magic witch in me geeks out over these things. Some sacred items like to be wrapped or shrouded when not in use. Some like to only be touched by their human. What matters to me to convey to you is that you listen to the nudges of your drum and honor it’s requests. In doing so…you also build the skill of listening to your Self. Another point to make regarding storage is…fur-babies often LOVE either the hide, the fur, or both. If you have fur-babies and your drum requests to be stored on the ground…well…either take the risk or mama-bear-override the drums’ request. Either way…there is medicine to make from the path you choose. I often leave my drum on the ground…but my sweet Juniper isn’t much of a chewer…so…you get the point, right? Listen to your drum, AND do what makes the most sense to your knowing.


Another bit of info I find extremely powerful and important is this...pay attention to how you treat your sacred sound. How do you speak to it? Feel about it? How do you listen to it? How we treat our sacred items is how our sacred items want us to treat ourselves. We are to be in service to the medicine that is in service to us. So...watch how you treat and see your sacred sound...it's like a road map for how to treat yourself.


Please feel free to share with me your experience. Please share on the socials or in your communities. If you do share, please tag me to ensure I can see it!s
I am so grateful for this. Thank you for allowing me to midwife your sacred sound.

Blessings of beauty and love,