Reflecting on 2 years...Owning the truth

2 years ago

broken into...broken open

healing the mind is very different

than healing the body

That was me, 2 years ago. Beginning a journey of recovery that has not fully recovered.

Today's blog is podcast-style. I call them sacred rambles. It's the off-roading communication that often finds me landing on a truth I need to see/feel and embody. Today's sacred ramble landed me on the land of grief, love, owning the sadness of hiding, and uncovering acceptance that rebirth has it's own timeline.

In my current sacred sound circle, we are recording our process and listening to the power of the sacred sound in our voices. In this, a fellow sister, Lena, has voiced that this is also a practice of being heard. The depth of this concept is surfacing in ripples of energy I'm positive are game-changing for how we build the confidence of voice and truth-telling.

It's so easy to keep hiding the things that keep us from inner freedom, forgiveness, and forward motion. It's convenient to tell the stories that keep a dead story alive. It's shit shifting to brave the flames of being heard and speaking the grieving truth. It's one kind of warrioring up to give voice to Self. It's another kind of warrioring up to let yourself be heard. It's the warrioring to soften that can be the most terrifying...because what means we can be loved after all.

In my work, I often find that it's not answers that free us...rather the willingness to accept the unanswerable that flows from our truth that frees us to be whole. In my sharing this sacred ramble with you, I also listened to my words and the truth behind them. I heard myself lamenting through the feels of not giving myself permission for these last 3 years to be the hardship they have truly been. In hearing myself with sacred listening, I can now give myself this truth. It's been hard. I'm still here. I can own it and move out of it now that I can give myself the relief that comes from letting the true story just be what it is. Man...I love the work of being a great mystery housed in this body of a human animal.

When was the last time you really heard yourself? The kind of hearing you extend to a sacred sister, a dear friend, or your child? Tell me...what do you imagine could shift in the listening of your Self when you listen to understand and love? Comment below to be heard.

Much love,