Mother Nature is Triggered!

I'm Vlogging on the Blog today. My sense is that this video could be useful and beneficial to those who aren't in the circle of my email list. So, feel free to share this anywhere you feel called to. 

WARNING: many believe that Native American sacred songs should not be recorded. If you are in agreement to this, please don't watch. I have a different believe and have done exactly that. My desire is to do what is true for me, while making space for known oppositions to choose. If this is you, I still offer a way to engage. Watch until I begin drumming, then stop and use the drum track to go-it alone.

Okay, that being said...the video says all I have to say today. If you plan on experiencing the journey, grab what you need for this kind of thing. 

I don't know much about audio and video, so in case the sound on that sucked, I'm plugging in here a decent drum track for you to try again. Or DO again. If you want to revisit, go deeper, gather more medicine and wisdom more poison, use this track.

The elements in and around us could always stand to have more communication. The prompt is to have the elements of you have a dialogue with the elements of Life: air, earth, fire, water, sacred space.

Take some time to "oracle that shit" and soak up the medicine. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. 

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