Stories from my journal:::"my truth is right for me"

Hello lovelies. Welcome to another installment of me reading from my journal. This idea started when I shared stories from my quest journal. This felt so perfectly uncomfortable and emboldenly transparent for strengthening my voice and overcoming the inner victim at the time. The nudge to continue sharing has not gone away. Now, truth be told, there are pages I’m sure I’ll never share…some things get to stay sacred.

There is something so “on brand” about my ReWilding Wholeness in action that is played out on the pages of my journal…so why not share it so you have a better sense of what is done in my offering. My journal is that place I go where I don’t have to make sense…I don’t have to explain it…I can let the many faces of ME have a voice and conversate together at the fire of my inner council. Several of you have reached out about working with me and ReWilding Wholeness…please remember that doors will open again in March. So get ready to join next season!

Please listen with sacred ears…take what you need…leave what you don’t. Please remember that I am reading from my journal pages…it’s scary as fuck…be kind. My hope is that it will give you something that is empowering, inspiring, and self-reflecting. May we all do better, be better, choose better and behave as “my truth is right for me”. This can be tricky y’all. AND, it’s not different than any other thing in existence…it has a poison AND a medicine. How it is dosed in each and every moment is up to the individual.

Blessed be, Nissa

Thank you for being a part of my world. I look forward to seeing you somewhere in closer view. Here are some upcoming offerings to consider and start preparing for. I am a budget conscious person and if you are too…I want to give you a big heads up to start saving if you need to. (or tell your family that you want holiday money for it…this is how I got my quest cabin in the woods!) Not all offerings are up on the website yet…you will be the first to know when those pages are live.

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  • COMING SOON: limited run of rattle necklaces that carry the power of “not explaining”. **$50

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