Stories from Quest::: "sitting with trauma-self"

3 days in a cabin in the woods. 3 days of fiery focus, dismemberment and rewilding. One day for Death. One day for Rebirth. One day for Life. In this audio, I read from my quest journal one of my many journeys of sitting with my trauma-self that I've been running from for a few years now. Turns's not so scary and we are entering a different relationship so I can evolve it. It's tender to share such intimate inner work, and I am willing to take the risk in the hopes it will inspire thought as well as give me action of no longer hiding it. 

*you may need to open in google player or download to device to listen. it SHOULD just open right up for you to push play and sink in.

It was an intense 3 days and once I came home I became aware of the idea that when I invite women to rewild with me...when I prompt them in the direction of their own self-evolution in Rewilding Wholeness, I'm asking them to feel these things too. It's always equalizing reminder to be grateful for. A humbling reminder that we are all going through self-evolution…leaders, healer, and guides are human too. This is why we sit in CIRCLES…side by side…learning from each other.