More to the transformational story

All transformation asks of us is to be stripped down and bare what was hidden. It doesn’t ask for us to suffer or struggle in the process. It simply asks to be experienced. #blacktail #deermedicine #hide #thatskythough #shamanic #rattle #bighearted #buck #sacredsound

There is more to this instagram story.  

Yes...transformation simply experienced without story of pain & struggle can be possible. AND suffering or struggle can be what the story experiences. I think it would be helpful to know what one is transforming out of & into.  

 Like this deer hide. It transformed out of fleshy remains & into raw, naked skin with fur. The skin will then transform out of being this womby blank canvas & into bodies of sacred sound. Each body will embody a spirit of energy medicine & guidance for the human who calls it in. 

Like the lil' Blacktail Buck this hide came from. His death transformed his spirit out of being in a body & into being a body of guidance, wisdom, and story medicine. When I honored his death with psychopomp, his spirit transformed out of single view & into infinite view. 

As a somewhat energetic nerd, I innately look for what makes things what they are. I'm forever curious and seeking more perspectives. #freerangewildwoman #sacredindividualist So, here I sit... curious as to how one reconciles experiencing transformation free from the pains of suffering and struggle when those are common experiences in a transformational story. 

From one corner of my inner world, I hear that both are true. #thepowerof& Pain and struggle can be experienced in the story of a transformation. Dare I say...They are essential experiences and sensations to create the conflict that creates resolution to the story...Therefore are not demons to slay, rather just elements of a story.


The story of pain & struggle can be giant enough that one could read it as a demon instead of a feeling. A demon scary enough to run from. Run from so long that the transformation story is now put on hold so the story of slaying and running from the demon of pain & suffering becomes the story of transformation.

This is one way the stories about our story become the story we live instead of living the actual story.

From another corner in my inner world. I hear the variable of me. My conscious observation. My mindful awareness. In the model of transforming a hide, I'm hearing that it's how I choose to see, hear, be, and do that takes this experience out of being one of "just another Hunter" or "just another hide" & into deep soul craft of self, life, being and medicine making. I am the variable that observes and holds a vision of what this hide transforms into after I've done the work of transforming it out of.

And that's the thing... 

In all of this Big-hearted Blacktail Buck transformation, there is a vision held of what we are transforming him into.  As the one holding said vision...I am a part of the transformation now too. This character...this vision part of the transformation story. Without the vision I hold of making drum and rattles with my hides, what would happen? The story ends at death. The transformation ends at death. Not to say that this is wrong...sometimes that is the medicine of the transformation story. But, when a part of the transformation process holds a vision of rebirth...a vision of a life story after the pain & suffering of transformation...then I see there is sacred direction flowing on a path of empowerment heading towards truly being.


Could it be that not having an active vision holder in ones transformation story is what creates the very void that allows pain & suffering to BE the story of transformation?  

Transformation is the birth canal of change. Change happens whether you are mindfully and sacredly involved or not. A vision holder, however, is optional. 

Prompts to journal, journey, or meditate with...

  • Tell yourself the memory of a transformation story.  What did you transform out of & in to?
  • Inquire within about the stories of your transformation.  
  • Are the the same story? 
  • Edit. Edit. Edit.   
  • Conjure your inner vision holder. Together, draft a vision to hold in this...your story of now. 

Now...own it! Declare it! What is one small thing you can do to begin soul crafting it into every day life. Comment below to be heard, seen, and supported. 

Much love,