Rage, Solutions, & Sacred Listening


Good morning life. I am grateful for the mourning me and my people are feeling. Please help us move our rage into solutions that honor and ensure individual liberty and empowerment. Sacred life, thank you for this pain in my heart and anger in my gut. It feels good to feel this bad. #trailblazingwholeness #humancomesinmanycolors #sacredindividualist #praying

 This week on my alter of life I call Instagram (I'm thinking this is my new way of blogging) I shared this morning prayer I created with my heart, a bee, and my lavender plant. This moment was my breakthrough from a weeks-long break down. This moment was my sacred human-ness in progress. That moment was yet another reminder from that Great Mystery is within me as much as it is around me.That morning sun, that bee, that lavender gave me a much needed shift after weeks of not sleeping...a new development. Conversations that will never be heard were duking it out in my mind for hours and hours as I lay there trying to sleep. All of my unheard responses to the tragic deaths and abuses of power. All my rage at dog killing festivals and political corruption. All the demons in me coming out to play with the demons being flung at my consciousness. I tried all my mindful, meditative, shamanic and yogic tools to calm that shit down and get some sleep. It wouldn't. For days and days and days...okay, nights, really, but you know what I mean, right? It's maddening and exhausting. A girls gotta sleep. Nothing worked...until that moment of prayer and loving of what my truth really is. Truth is, the rage that waged in these conversations really needed heard by me before I could even be OPEN enough to CONSIDER solutions from my point of view. So, I surrendered to the fire of it all. I fell into the abyss of this fear, anger, rage, and blame. I let the wild abandon of mourning become every breath. I had to immerse my self into it...let it penetrate me...so I could embody it...and from the Earth in my body I found the magic to digest, sort through, break down, separate, and move from the fuel of heat and shit being flung around in my country and my world. Truth is, all sides want to be right ...and heard. There is so much to be healed when it is heard. The hard part is to internally switch after you've been heard into the one who is open to hearing with the same sacred ears you want to be heard with. But we can do it if we really want a new way of being and doing. "No matter who you are...not being heard only fuels rage, resentment, and resistance to real solutions that honor all." Want to be heard? Try hearing first. Really hearing. Sacred listening kind of hearing. Ask for solutions from them before you offer any of your own. Can we start with ourselves? Sacredly listen to your small-self, your wounded self, your brightest self, your wise self. Do this inside first can create your very own pathway to doing it outside yourself. Establishing the practice of listening sacredly to the inner dialogue first builds the confidence and cadence of voicing your truest truths to be heard beyond words by those you interact with. Now, we don't have to agree to understand the other. We don't even need to agree, or understand to accept and support the other. We DO need to remember the wild...remember our own personal rituals and ways. We DO need to remember everyone suffers in some way and that tragedy is not going to be fixed by peace...that even if "we all get along", sad things will still happen that hurt and cause pain. "One-sided-vision is the box where empowerment is paralyzed and freedoms are exterminated." This summer is burning me...us...them. This summer is boiling our senses and wreaking havoc on our sensibilities. May we all return to our dailies...our practices...our rituals...our centers. May we all do our best...reflect before react...may we discover solutions in the raging fires of pain. Blessed be. So. Much. Love. Nissa PS...Full moon bone readings will be offered again in the next couple of days. If you would like to be held in a powerful sacred space of guidance and healing...keep your eyes peeled for it in your email inbox. (that is, if you are on the list)