6 week update & Nuclear Coffee

Hello lovely! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me. The video below is about 11 minutes of the usual Nissa TV rambling, with my 6 week post surgery update. Today's post is really about me connecting as I am...right now...in the still-not-healed state I am in. Right now, it's all about the body and listening to it's guidance. This is a skill I am still learning and cultivating with the help of my sister-friend, Jill Doneen Cliften. With her help I am able to give my body the rest it needs when it needs, and this has been an immensely helpful tool. What I'm realizing though is that it's my head that is healing and by the time my body has told me it's time to rest, my head has been pushed past it's limits needed to recover and heal. Well...the video really explains the rest...

password:: nuclear

PS. The link to the ReWilding retreat I mentioned is www.rewildingretreats.weebly.com

Nissa's Peppermint Mocha Nuclear Coffee

I love coffee. I love all things nutritionally dense. I love DIY bulletproof coffee. And I've taken bulletproof coffee nuclear and this is one of two liquid creations I have created. To each their own, so it really doesn't matter how you make your pot of coffee. I am currently on this pour-over method kick and I love it because it isn't as bitter, stays warm in the thermal carafe without burning from the typical warmer plate, and the grounds-filled filter can go right into my composter after saving the grounds to line my strawberries with to keep those fucking slugs out of my strawberries in the spring. (also saw somewhere, ants hate coffee ground too....worth a try next summer!) Another bonus of the pour over method is it has become a morning ritual to greet my body, my soul, and my guides as I pour hot water over the grounds...and with every dose of adding water, the earthy froth of grounds shifts shapes and I open my inner vision to divine any messages or reflections from the shapes forming in the filter. Such as....

8 6


It's fun to use moments and actions in my everyday life to open a connection of sacred listening to my sacred soul self.


Okay, so once the pot is finished, I add a heaping tablespoon of the grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and raw cocoa powder. Both the coconut oil and cocoa powder have anti-inflammatory properties that I'm needing right now. The fats from the butter and oil give instant energy to the brain and helps kick start the digestion system for easier assimilation of nutrients from other ingredients AND for helping it eliminate the waste. Raw cacao has tons of minerals that are naturally occurring since it's not processed.












Then, the honey....I buy local and raw. Not just for economical support, also for body building against allergies. I like to just pour in what feels right. I'll guess it's 2 tablespoons worth. In my observation, everyone has a sweet tolerance threshold so, if you are not a super sweet person, try the 2 tablespoons worth and adjust from there. The raw cocoa can be bitter. Finally, add in 2-4 drops of peppermint essential oil...depending on your love of mint to chocolate ratio. Now, I know there is a shit-ton of controversy over whether or not one should ingest essential oils. I am not here to tell you it is safe or not. I do it in this situation, and if you aren't convinced it's safe, you can use peppermint extract.


A little side note: normally I add about half a tablespoon of maca root powder at this point. However, right now with recovery I find it is too stimulating for me. It is an amazing energy booster and the original reason I started calling this concoction nuclear coffee.


Finally, insert an immersion blender and get to town on this baby! Work the liquid until nice and foamy.



Pour into your favorite mug...mine is the cauldron mug you see above...made by another dear sister-friend Jennette Nielsen with her smashing rubbish couture. Drink and fill the cup of your body with a boost of mint-chocolaty energy.


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Cheers! Nissa