Accomplishment Junkie Reflects on 2014

doingexpressingbeingMy word for 2014 was CREATE. The journey of this word has taken me many scary places and uncharted territory of my inner world. It has also giving me many opportunities for my soul to give me this nugget of slap-you-silly wisdom. This message has assisted me in creating. And in creating there are accomplishments!

This week is one of my favorite weeks all year. The week before the solstice. And holy wow, our winter solstice this year is on a new moon...double whammy of awesome! What I love about this week is it has me reflecting on this past year so I can digest what will nourish my soul as I call in the magic I crave as I travel this Soul Craft path forward. This week is SO delicious in relishing the mistakes made and the accomplishments conquered.

I'm so proud to declare that this has been my most amazing, favorite, and successful year in this soul crafting business. Several months ago I was on the phone with a dear friend and soul sister who has always believed in me and knew who I would become before I did. LOVE YOU STACEY!!! (yeah, that's right girl, calling you out) Anyway, I was in the middle of a tangent as I processed some shit I felt stuck in. Within the tangent my soul truth blurted out that I love to accomplish...successful accomplishment IS relaxing to soul thrives in the proof of my actions that come from the guidance of my soul. But the point is...I'm an accomplishment junkie and I'm okay with that.

I'd like to thank my soul, and my sacred DOing for helping me in get all this done:

  • 9 live circles of sacred space for wild women
  • asked for help...getting ebooks edited.
  • acknowledging I need help (one of my biggest accomplishments!)
  • personally birthed 6 drums and 17 rattles
  • hand scraped and processed 4 elk hides, 1 deer hide, 1 bear hide and 1 beaver hide
  • facilitated the birth of 8 drums and 20 rattles
  • realized the vision and expression of the kind of Mom I WANT to be. (took me 14-fucking years...better late than never I guess)
  • 15 private soul craft sessions
  • recieved many gifts (seriously, this was the hardest thing to do this last receive fully and wholly)
  • being held and seen
  • made flower essence medicine
  • began painting
  • embraced moments of queen-dom
  • created 2 online circles of deepening soul connection
  • ended my yoga teaching gig because I wanted to, not because I had to and this gave me space to do more of what I love.
  • enriched my sisterhood
  • collaborated and sold out a retreat for next year
  • created a tribe of whole women belonging to themselves (swoon)

When's the last time you called out and celebrated YOUR accomplishments? Not just the numbers, but the breakthroughs, the a-ha's and the moments that matter. All accomplishments in my book. Hell, isn't getting through the day as a human and accomplishment in itself? My challenge for you is the gift of posting on my facebook or instagram some of your accomplishments and hashtag #soulcraftaccomplishments. Be proud. Be great. Do more of this.

Happy solstice this weekend! I'll be holding my live circle on Saturday (still time to come if you have been on the fence) and beginning a HUGE magical project on Sunday that will be honoring the request of a cow elk that my hubby harvested this year. AND making more rattles to offer you. Busy solstice weekend and I'm thrilled. Blessed be, and I can't wait to see your accomplishments!