And the Thunder rolls...

Right now my coffee is within reach, my kid doing her grammar, my hubby searching for tires, and my dogs snoring; I have a rare quiet moment within a full house.  This vortex of peace has me meditating and reflecting on my last few weeks.  And what a few weeks it has been!  Amidst several projects, homeschool, business, and my new distraction of epic proportions, Pinterest, I hadn't really thought much about me and where I am at within myself.  Therefore, for my soul, this moment is so much like taking your first breath of air after having your head underwater for 2 minutes.  Give me a second....B-R-E-A-T-H-E....ah, yes much better. In the stillness of this moment and the gravity that that breath just gave me, I am reliving a moment from last Saturday when I was gifted the thunder and the lightning.  As I sat conversing with my cousin, I could see out the back of my home and I knew there was lighting in those clouds.  And yet when the first flash made it's way out I felt all the magic inside of myself flash out with it.   Now, ever since I could remember I loved the thunder and lightning.  In Eastern Oregon a nighttime lightning show is unparallelled in awesomeness and electric magnificence.  So naturally, I run outside to meet the thunder beings...always.  I swear I'm not crazy, I'm just a bit wild.

As the lightning got closer, I had to go outside. I had to let my inner magic play with the magic of the Thunder Beings.  I had to do this for my whole BEing as much as I have to eat food for my body.   I had to be in the powerful embrace of the rolling thunder, the jolt of time standing still as the lighting cracks an electric kiss to the ground.  I had to.

Thank you, Thunder Beings for bringing energy and magic to the sky.  Thank you for transforming my innards with your voice.   The internal shift starts with the thunder rolling a rumbling growl of powerful energy through my heart, jump starting a dose of adrenaline and blasting my heart wide open.  The recharge of  my body continues as that surge flows down into my solar plexus and turns it upside down and inside out.  The swoosh of change seals this magic as it grounds downs my legs and into the earth.  Then I breathe in that gift of the thunder, the gift of nature's science igniting magic inside my body.  Instantly.  Presently.  WOW-ly. I become one with the sky and the earth as I am the conduit for the energy shared between the two in this magical display of nature's powerful essence.

With the connection to the Thunder Beings made, I think of how the energy from the lightning penetrates the earth and sky.  It feels like pure unbiased energy waiting to be absorbed and given direction to be created into...something, anything.  How often do we discard newly available energy in which we could be creating?  When was the last time you rejected a compliment, a hug, a gift of love?  That is energy being transferred to you to do something with!  When was the last time you breathed in the energy of the sun, filling yourself up and using that fullness to let go of what isn't making you happy?  When was the last time you braved a meeting with the Thunder, the Lightning and welcomed it's gifts of pure, rolling energy?  Well the time is NOW!  Become aware of natures gifts all around and receive the energy it's wanting to give you.  Become aware of love entering your space and allow yourself to feel worthy of it, and through that worth...create your life, be happy, and move forward!  Become aware of your possibilities.

For me, I will fall into a love affair with the energy that I took in from the Thunder Beings.  I will choose an intention or direction in which this energy will be used.  I will drink up and enjoy each moment that I feel it inside me.  Like right now.

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