Birthday Discounts & Unscripted Rambling

Writers block...again. Words are not lining  up with my thoughts and feelings.

Wondering...does it matter?

Searching...for my Voice.  Oh, there it is...6 feet under.

Resting...breaking down in solitude is a warrior's practice.

Excavating: clarity...roots...thicker skin...allowing magic..."just be me".


How is your month of no scripts going? What truth has surprised you? What awareness is taking the stage?

I'll be turning 36 this month...happy birthday to me!! And I can't think of a more fun way to celebrate than to offer $36 off a soul session with me.  Either distant or in person, the sacred space of energy medicine holds you as you awaken into your "just being you".  So, the deal will go like this: you must make the appointment with me by the end of July.  But the appointment must held between August 1st, 2013 and September 5th, 2013.  Sound good?  Just contact me to schedule your sacred space.