Chasing Crows

I've been having CRAZY amounts of crow medicine chasing me. From rescuing an injured crow to being dive-bombed while in my garden to just being markedly more loud and present when I am outside. I keep my back door open right now because it's summer, and while in my house throughout the day I here a caw here and there, but lately when I go outside...they are very talkative and fly from tree to tree to follow me. It's been so cool.  

I am pretty sure I'm beginning to understand the crow language. It's a mixture of deep visual observation, opening the creative side of my brain, and FEELING the sounds they make. So, today I'm gonna share a video I took the other day. I was watering my plants when not only were some crows very vocal, they were very active...well all but one anyway...and that is what this video is about. So, this is me, chasing them in the sense that I dropped what I was doing and gave my focus to this moment. And then I ended up being a goofball by the end and called it Nissa's Nature Narrative.

So, I invite you to sit with me and listen...hear the sounds of the crow with all of you and open to feeling what you feel...what do you notice in this time?