Why I Choose Wild

lookout I choose wild because I want to flow with my own instinctual patterns.

To roam and migrate from my inner voice.

Trust my own direction while treating my intuition as the treasure that it is.

I choose wild because freedom isn't an idea to me, it is nourishment.

The safety of caged domestication to guarantee food and care sounds like death to me.

There is always places to go to get what I need, I just have to go there...following the scent of truth.

I choose wild so the wild will choose me.

Connection to the life cycle... providing me...gifting me.

Honoring the death by giving new life, rebirthed purpose.

I choose wild to create from authentic places.

Awakening new lands within myself.

Sharing what's mine when it the time is right in energy...not in calendar.

The wild chooses me because it knows it can be heard by me...it's voice matters.

I listen to the predators of fear, doubt, anger, and such.

The shadows and the night are appreciated and sought out

The wild chooses me to grow it's lands of soul soil.

To have an expression of fun through challenging times.

To connect with other wild ones and find that we fuel each others wild

I choose the wild.

The wild chooses me.

Wild is not just a state of being...it's a choice.


I sat down to share with you my Elk hunting story from last month. This came out instead. My life is changing. The voice of my wild is changing. What stories I tell and how I tell them are evolving. My Elk hunt is not just MY story now. It is a story for 8 other women, 3 cow Elk, 9 drums and soon to be more rattles. And sometimes the story must be kept sacred.


There are some messages beyond what I posted on my Instagram feed that I can share with you from the hunt and it goes like this:

Hunting while holding femimine power, heart & energy is equally effective and efficient as hunting with masculine energy. (there may be more on this later...the message seems like medicine I need to share at some point) Trust the voice of Hawk. Don't wait to negotiate because you want to be in control. Act and move when the messages hit. Trust. You can escape while wounded. Mistakes can be the portal for transforming purpose. Fear of how my mistake may be judged or criticized makes it feel like a mistake. But in truth, without the mistake the runes would not be happening and the elk spirit would not feel powerful Walking wounded have a surrendered grace about them. An open mind and heart about death. Loss is also a generosity from the whole herd. Dance. Love your bones. Engage in honoring. There are times when it makes sense to change plans, reschedule, etc. Obstacles to face. When your soul says “you'll be taken care of, stay the course”....listen...trust...and hold the fear like a lens to see with hyper-awareness. Sometimes the shedding is done in chunks. We can't all slip and slide right out of our old skin.


I choose the wild and the wild chooses me. It gets bloody and painful sometimes. Death has to be had. And from that death comes a gathering to hold, honor, and rebirth the energy. Wild, sacred connections...crafting sacred sound. The sorrow, the challenges, the fears...all a part of the medicine.

And so it is!