Gathering Purpose

I am still simmering in the space of death and birth that I wrote about on my last post.  There is such powerful flowing energy in this space. The idea and action of fragmenting the ego's perspective of what has died has lead me to a really cool place of true unattachment to outcome. (Which, I'm finding leads to tremendous creative flow.)  And seeing the ego's perspective spanned out in particles completely diminishes any emotional attachment, which allows for seeing all that stuff as no big deal.  It's just a bunch of little particles of thought enjoying the freedom from being compacted into a form, a thought form that recently died.  It is FREE, which means I am to gather my to reflect on the particles that are in alignment with my purpose, and free to gather those particles as energetic fuel for the creation of my purpose in the upcoming birth.  See, once you let some aspect of you die, it is natural law to have a birth soon after; and you can choose to craft what you are birthing or let the particles of the fragmented forms of Self come back together and be birthed again into your life.


How do you feel about making choices?

When was the last time you made a choice to change your purpose?

Is it time to make another choice and move towards your purpose?

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