Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw

Have you ever had a moment keep messing with you?  A tiny moment where human interaction didn't go so well and it just keeps gnawing at you.  Yet, the haunting of it is not so small.  Well, I am experiencing this tricky lil' bugger and I am growling back at it while it's eating me up. In my line of work, I conduct energy medicine on myself all the time as part of me being what I do. Usually in this situation a good cord cutting does the trick.  But it didn't.  So I did some soul retrieval on myself and the situation.  Nope, still coming back.  I threw Reiki balls at it, burned it in a fire, whined to my hubby, and it keeps popping into my mind and infects a spiral of distraction.  The anger, insult, and crashed illusion I felt in this situation are all emotions that have waned due to the energy work done, but there is a shadow of them still there.  And in the shadows, there is truth and light to see the truth.  So, I've spent several days journeying and meditation on what this really is.

Interesting thing happened in this time...see, immediately after this incident I began tackling it to be free from it; and I'm now understanding that sometimes a situation needs to live a little before it dies.  In my mind I was thinking, "okay, this just happened so let's get it gone and not waste time."  In my soul, I am guided to "let the shadows of this situation unfold the healing as it needs to.  There is more to be seen about this, and won't be seen until some other things happen first."

This melted me.  It dropped me into compassion for myself, grateful for the topical release of the heavy emotions, and strength to feel it a bit longer for a higher purpose.  So, here I am...stirring and feeling and waiting for the sunrise of that missing piece.  I wait with awareness and trust!

What's gnawing at you?


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