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I have been honored with the gift of being featured on another blogger's site.  She really knows how to make someone sound amazing....after reading this, I want to make an appointment with myself! I have been waiting for the time to re-blog this, so here it is!  Please enjoy.

Soul Crafting ~ Inquire Within

The dawn of the new age has begun. 2013 is a conduit for all of our transmuting, changes, and renewals for our upcoming transformations and rebirths. Over the next few months I will be writing up a weekly post in gratitude to those I have met over the years who have guided me during some moment on my journey. These same people I feel an abundance of gratitude for, are amazing souls who spend their time working towards the greater good within humanity — in both waking and dreaming.

I have a feeling that many of these people I introduce to you – over the next few months — you may find yourself connecting with some of them, with an inner pull to contact (one or two of) them this year, as you emerge forward on your own path of healing and transformation.

This first week I would like to thank Nissa from Inquire Within. She is an amazing and empowering Shamanic Practitioner who has cultivated the art of healing others through Soul Crafting. What is Soul Crafting, you may be asking… are you intrigued?? Before I share with you Nissa’s magical Soul Crafting let me tell you how Nissa and I met. Our first encounter was at a Shamanic Training Workshop held at Light Song School one weekend in September a few years back. 5 months later we found ourselves back in the second level shamanic training together and after our second meeting we instantly connected, like a soul sister I lost lifetimes ago….. finally reunited again. Nissa, my earthly soul sister, continued through all of Light Song Trainings as I found that my ethereal soul needed to continue down another path of teachings. Although our paths separated when we encountered a fork in our roads, we both continued our soul’s training towards a similar purpose – healing, guiding, and teaching others to embrace and tend to their soul’s purpose. My natural medium-ship abilities, within my dreamtime, are similar to Nissa’s natural healing abilities during her sessions in waking.

Soul Crafting: “When you inquire within you engage the reflective, investigative, bravery of your awakening to look at the landscape of the inner world.  Your wounds, fears, shadows, predators, thought forms, successes, lessons and strengths all make up ingredients and elements of the inner word.  Soul Crafting is the action of molding the ingredients found while inquiring within and crafting them into a soul of your creation, intention and purpose.  This is done through healing the source of the wounds, traumas, fears, and thought forms that hold you hostage.

Louis Janmot [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Louis Janmot [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

About Nissa:I use Shamanic energy medicine and such ceremonies as soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, spirit release, extractions, and death ceremony to guide through the individual crafting of a soul. I facilitate classes, and play-shops to provide skill set practice of journeying and intuitive guidance.  Inquiring within and soul crafting are a spiraling dance together that when employed with intention and trust lead one to discovering their truth, and becoming more of who they really are.”

Although Nissa and I are busy and rarely get a chance to get together, she is a support system for me, she is part of my soul group and just a phone call / email away when either of us needs a little insight, or reassurances, at the moments we happen to stumble along our path. Thank You Nissa! Blessings to all Nissa cultivates and manifests for her self and others along her path during the Dawn of the New Age.

Why don’t you spend some time this year and inquire within. Learn more about Nissa, Soul Crafting, her classes, and the act of tending to your Soul through enchanted healing visit:

“Inquiring within explores the wilderness of your inner world. It plays with the shadows and the light to bring awakening and perspective.  It is the energy medicine sessions, the classes, and the daily choice to have an awake soul.  When all of these elements are employed, it is a balanced path that is the art and the act of becoming who you are.” ~Nissa,