Saying "no" to say "yes"

I was recently asked "what do you need to say yes to?" IMG_20150204_190221

There was an uproaring of profanity and overwhelm in my being. An inflamed collective rang out with "are you kidding? Another yes? We are maxed out!" Riotous voices objected for hours as I tread carefully through the inner rage. I was determined to make it through these voices to find clarity and that next "yes" that will bring my chaos into control. (enter giggling at the foolish thought) At one point those voices began closing in. Head pounding. Fire in my blood. Anger standing up for my true and honest boundaries...even though I'm not aware of that all the time. I decided to stop trying to make it through the resistance. I choose to slow down and just let the crowd take me. It wasn't as bad as I thought. They stopped yelling after they felt heard by me.

And then I heard the medicine rise up. The truth. My truth. I need to say "NO" more. Say "no" to say "yes". Say "no" to making dinner when my migraine is flared up so I can say "yes" to rest. Say "no" to offering anything that keeps me feeling depleted with my hubby and daughter so I can say "yes" to what really matters to me...having love in my life. Say "no" to muscling through healing a wound to say "yes" to honoring the pain and making space for wholeness. Say "no" to the fast track to say "yes" to a life full of well-rounded experiences.


Say "no" to outside to  say "yes" to the inside.


In a world where no's are negative and negative is bad and negative creates what you don't want, I can see where and saying "no" could feel like one is doing it "wrong". And I've been down that road. It led to shame and emotional punishment that something must be wrong with me if I created this shit. So, I'm just not buying that anymore. I'm going to buy what my soul truth says to me.  And it says that in a universe uses balance to stay in a creative motion, there has to be equal "no's" to "yes's". This lil' soul note brought me quick relief and grounded center in a moment of chaos. So....#rebelmedicne and #sacredindividualist...I gotta do it in my own way. Sorry/sorry to you if you are on the secret's not wrong if it works for you!


What do you need to say no to in order to make room for an authentic yes?

Are you aware of and in good relationship with how you manifest things?

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