Spark in the Dark

Today, I began my garden. And I am weeks away from Spring. I concocted little wombs of soil for seeds of peppers, tomatoes, herbs, flowers, broccoli, and cabbage.  The first round of creating life for the growing season!  Creating life to sustain life.  Many of the seeds I started today were gathered from the harvested seeds of last fall.  Out of death, there is rebirth of life.  Another whispering reminder from natures' wisdom.  When I harvest, let die, dig up, or clear out I let the soil rest, the stillness take center stage, the darkness of the year to embrace my fertile ground. I sift through the remains of life and gratefully, lovingly sort seeds to save for the time of rebirth in the coming Spring.

When I pulled all my seeds out of hiding today, I felt myself notice that I was beginning this action of rebirth during the time of rest and darkness.  This awareness brought me immense chocolate-like satisfaction for my spirit. Life begins in the darkness, the resting time. Life sparks its conception in the darkness. I caught myself realizing how many times I haven't noticed the renewal of Spring until it has sprung.  I have missed SO much.  The life of Spring begins in the

So, I implanted those eager soil wombs with these little universe-pods of food life.  As I hummed songs and oogled love from my heart to each one, I was welcoming each conception with giggles and encouragement.  Yes, it is funny to think about now.  Yet, in that moment it felt amazing to give rebirth to these future plants in an environment of love, magic, and connection.  I know they will taste better for it, too!  In a couple of weeks, another round of rebirth will happen with other species of plants and you can bank on the fact I will be duplicating this joy giving, love oozing, magic making connection with each of them too.

Like the soil, we need to rest when we face our own cycles of death.  Like the harvest, we can choose what seeds we take with us to replant in our inner world.  Like the life beginning in the darkness, we too can sort through our "seed bank" of the lessons we've learned and wounds we've healed.  We can pick the seeds we want to plant, tend to, nourish, and enjoy the fruit of.  We can choose the spark we ignite in our dark!

What seeds are you planting?  How will you nourish them?  In what way are you giving them celebration and gratitude?  How will this new life change you?

Take a few breaths, and sit in the questions.  Embrace the excitement of renewal, rebirth, and the endless possibilities that await your spiritual green thumb.

Blessings of Beautiful Bounty!

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