The space between death and birth

There is a space between death and rebirth.  A brief blip of time rich with mystery, flow, expansion, and purity. As a reminder, the life cycle's of nature are life, death, birth.  The death has happened by now on our planet; gardens are done, trees are bare or at least almost, and we are in the darkness of the year.  From November 1st to December 21st, (winter solstice) our dark is more than our light.  Our efforts are turned within the home as we connect with family and holiday festivities.  Yet, our natural world is showing us that NOW is the space between death and birth, which means it is our time and space to be between death and birth.  So, why hasn't this been a mainstream aspect of the life cycle?

Life, death, birth all have ceremony to it.  Which tends to keep these parts on our conscious radar.  They also have an intricate weaving of support for and with each other that hold each other up and make it seem as one whole from birth to death.  That space between death and birth resides in the shadows of  feeling deeply subconscious, and may require a different kind of radar.  A radar of intuitive craft, fearless open mind, and trust.  It is my experience that the deeper you go within the Self, the higher and bigger you expand your senses and energy out.

For some reason this year as the death of the life cycle within and without has been in it's ceremony, I have been asking my Self  "what about the space between death and birth?".  The notion of it has plopped itself on my consciousness and I cannot ignore it.   It is a space that feels disconnected from that weaving together of birth, life, death; an it has been calling me to explore, experiment and uncover it's treasure.  For me all discovery, as well as knowing, begins within.

I began with a journey to my inner world to see in the dark with my heart.  I found my heart secluded, walled, and imprisoned in protection.  I felt a ravenous desire to free my heart, a fierce aching to feel my heart roam free on open range.  I healed an illusion of perfectionism that released me to feel myself as an un-woundable open heart.  Side effects include: very loud intuitive volume, increased joy, heightened senses, decrease in stress's grip, open mind, creative mastery, and a key to the space between death and rebirth.  The key opened a door I found at the end of  the perfectionism death and what kind of explorer would I be if I didn't go in, so I entered with the intention to experiment, discover and observe.

It is dark without being dark.  It is comfort without being heavy.  There is a flow cradling you into stillness.  There is deep emotional release without the weight of dramatic mind chatter.  In these emotions there is power; creative power, power to motivate healing, inspirational power, power of pure joy, power to return to my unwoundable heart, and the power of power.  It has a curious mystery to it.  A deep stirring of fluidity within the emotion.  It is similar to the idea of your Self holding space within a galaxy....just suspended in energy with little twinkles of possibility all around you and giant forms of creation whizzing by and the knitting of matter in the distance.  It feel weightless, unattached, and holds the "big picture" of what has died.

In this space after death, I asked "what is the purpose of this place?".  I am shown the Akashic records where all knowing of all possibilities are kept.  I am told that this space between death and birth is for looking at all the seen and unseen, known and unknown experiences from the life of whatever died.  In this case, aspects of the Self that have died.  I am told that when we look at the unseen and unknown experiences, we purify the soul.  Looking at the unseen and unknown fragments the ego's version of what happened.  When we purify the soul via fragmenting, the stories told by ego disperse into particles.  Each particle carries an energy from a lesson or aspect or wound from that story, and with the story fragmented, we see from our truth what is real and what is good.  Embracing truth feed purity of soul.  When we give awareness to be in the space between death and birth every time something within us dies, we purify another layer of the soul.  When we continually purify our soul, our intentions and dreams are birthed to manifest easily and with purpose.

In this space after death, I asked "what can I do to make the most of my time here?".  To which I was shown my unwoundable open heart and told "Be this, feel this, move from this.  No matter what transpires, before you sleep at the end of every day, return to your unwoundable open heart.  Dream and reflect on of all your unseen and unkown possibilities as if they all happened."

In this space after death, I asked "Is there anything else?".   I was shown that the space between death and rebirth is a time of powerful focus because of  the expanded vision of unseen and unknown possibilities, because of  the fragmented stories, because of the emotion .  That the fragmenting of the stories told by ego from birth to death by way of energetically living out all possibilities allows the soul to choose with authentic focus what will be birthed in the impending new life cycle.  I was shown an elder's point of view as the possibilities spiraled all around me in a matrix of information.  I felt a sense of pure freedom as I was left marinating in the infinite grandness of my inner universe.  Free to give birth to something in my life that isn't influenced or tainted by the memory of the ego and the story of the ego.   Free to just BE.  Free to enjoy the rich emotion of the after death.

Come December 21st we will have the rebirth of the light, and is truly a joyous time of hope, inspiration, reset, and looking forward.  How can you use this space between death and birth to experience all of your possibilities?   What can you do to fragment your stories and purify the soul?  I trust that this post has awakened some thought, emotion, and/or drive to contemplate your own space between death and birth.   I am still in this space and will probably have so much more to share.  The Earth has given us the time, the example and the support to do this for our Selves.  Mourn your deaths, flow with your truth, view the big picture, and when winter solstice hits we will be birthing again.  Take a moment to answer the questions above and below, journal or meditate on your Q&A.  I invite you to begin your own exploration of this powerful space.  You have all possibilities creating focus and your soul is waiting...

Where in the body do I feel a reaction to this post?

What is the primary thought or emotion residing there?  What message does it offer about the space between death and birth?

What is gained by giving all unseen and unknown possibilities an ending within my perspective?

What am I mourning in the after-death?


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Nissa Howard- Inner world guide and wild woman extraordinaire!