What more is there to hear?

This morning I was on my deck, with my coffee and my soul; enjoying the newness of the day.  One of the winter kisses skeletal trees had a single bird in it.  I don't know what kind of bird, but it was belting out a cool thrilling sound.  Within a minute this tree was full of the same kind of bird and the orchestra of sound began.  Whatever this species of bird is, they have a variety of sounds to communicate with.  And as splendid as it was to hear, I kept noticing the different signatures of each bird as it made a different sound from the others. I began to think...man I wish I could speak their language and know what they are saying to each other and learn how they communicate.  So what is a wild woman to do?  Why, step out of the thinking mind and connect to their energy to learn how they communicate, of course! The lil' guy that started it all with his thrill sound was big in his energy, with head tilted towards the sky...emitting the energy of "boy, do I have something to say!".  He was confident in his song, proud of his message, and not budging 'till he had said his piece.  Another several birds were making clicking sounds, and huddle together in a group.  Very focused and small energy around them, with their signature being one of a collaboration of a big project.  The last group of these birds were evenly spaced from each other and making a "chur-chur" sound between them.  They were like the blissed out pot-heads of the group...just hangin', and being around their tribe.  The energy that come from their communication felt like they were the space holders for the others, their agenda was to be in support of the others that were "doing" something. 

As I sensed each communicative signature as energy waves coming out of each bird's song, I began to think about how humans who speak the same language with their voices still sometimes treat each other like they don't speak the same language at all.  That even though we may all speak English our communication is so often misunderstood, twisted, taken with defense, and judged.  WHAT IF...we didn't listen with our minds, but with our hearts.  WHAT IF...our hearts received the energy of what a person is saying to us?  WHAT IF....we communicated not only with our words, but an open intention to connect?  Imagine how much more we will hear.

**due to the need for a make up class, I will be offering the Journey Playshop again on February 23rd.  From 10am to 7pm.  For those who couldn't make the last offering, I hope to see you at this one.  Please contact me to register.  Class is $75.