The Bones...

This picture was taken after the ceremony to initiate the bones, the Lady of the Bones, and me into this work together. Our allies are Hawk, Owl, Wormwood, Clear Quartz, petrified wood, and Black Obsidian...and of course Mamma Artemis was there to protect and imbue the ceremony. have taken the plunge into the deep mystery of what these reading are. Ancient in age...forgotten in time...coming back through modern mystics in their own way. I think because this has been a lost magic of sorts...there are no rules as to how it should go and what it looks like. And this is exciting to me because it means there are lots of open space and freedom!

All readings are MP3 audio files sent to you via email. Please make sure the address in your PayPal account is the email address you want me to send the reading to. If you want it sent to a different email address, please complete the appropriate area in the form below and submit.

Also in the form below is a space for you to give me a declaration, issue, or situation you want me to take into the reading with me. Please note that I can't guarantee the reading will reference this...they will speak to what you need, whether you are aware of it or not. I encourage you to stay open and let the thunder roll in and quake YOUR bones.

Readings last anywhere from 25-55 minutes.

It is recommended to download it onto your device if you choose to keep the reading for repeated and layered medicine. I reserve the right to delete older files to keep cloud storage open, but it won't be right away.

Single bone reading

If you have purchased a bone reading during a time that isn't those 3 days of full moon power, you may have to wait until the next full moon, or new moon if I'm offering a circle of readings around that time. Or, it it is a time sensitive crisis, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Full & new moon work flow

During those 3 days of full moon power, I gather the names of those who are being read for. I make sure I have lots of space in my days to listen for the Lady of the Bones to nudge me for who to read for and when. At some point during that time, you will be read for. I invite you to get quiet yourself during this time and see what you hear. Can you feel-sense when the circle has been cast for you?

Currently, full moon readings are a constant, and have room for subscribers. New moon readings occur when the Lady of the Bones hits me up with "I've got shit to say on the new moon!" However, new moon subscriptions are now open in limited number, and new moon readings are conducted the same way full moon readings are.

Subscriber policies

Until PayPal offers more options and/or I learn a better way, subscriptions are set up to be billed monthly (you sign up on May 1st, you will get charged on the 1st there-on-after). It currently has no stop date so YOU are responsible to cancel before your next billing cycle and/or reading.

If a payment fails to go through 2 times it will automatically cancel and you will need to re-up to begin again.

This goes for all readings, and I'm sure it's obvious, but just in case...if you hate your reading, I'm sorry. That sucks for both of us. I do not issue refunds.