Ancient vision. Modern energy medicine. Practical magic…




It all started when...

This cow elk said yes to her death. In the ceremony to release her spirit and honor her transition, she guided me to keep her shattered bones. Her spirit danced in celebration of her broken beauty, and she instructed me to take them home and when her spirit was re-born she would need me to read her bones and guide those who ache to her transformed spirit so she can guide them. She is now the Lady of the Bones, she who sees the truths in our hearts. Once an elk, now a maiden goddess, she knows what you need to see, hear, and feel.


See her face? Does it make you uncomfortable? Good. It's sad. And in the pain of this, we honor her. Death begets rebirth. Rebirth begets life. Life begets death. It has been said that how we feel about death, we go about life. I say, let us wild ones embrace and honor and feel the life we have, the death we will experience.

An ancient form of divination, magic making, and counseling, bone (or stone) readings were quickly demonized as the rise of religious-political power drove many medicine keepers underground to avoid unjust deaths. Thankfully, we don't live in that time. Thankfully, I can stand here before you, offering an experience blending ancient with modern. Weaving shamanic with witchy in safety of both body and spirit. Ancient magic is returning. We risk only not knowing magic, as well as the risk of knowledge it imparts.

What is needed to be said and heard comes through.


The Bones. A set of shattered elk bones that carry their own voices of broken beauty and power. Each piece has its own message, meaning, and personality. They sometimes speak alone, and sometimes they join together and speak in a harmonious chorus of truth and vision. The Lady of the Bones is the spirit of the elk who celebrated her shattered bones when she left her body. She embraces brokenness as a piece of wholeness. She is our spirit guide for this offering.

This is ancient magic, holistic healing for the Self. Every reading belongs to itself. Even so, within their uniqueness there are constants. Sacred sounds (song, drum, rattle) open the circle, to create the container, and the reading beings. Always, I, the earthly guide, the hollow bone. Always, the bones of her elk body beside me. Always, the Lady of the Bones completes the sacred circle. As she whispers what she sees I blow the message into the bones, translating from sacred spirit into this physical world. The truth is often received, the shadows are always honored, pathways of power are offered. Poisons come to light, and medicines are created from them. What needs to be heard and said comes through, whether we want to hear it or not.

I have yet to do a reading that didn't carry an element of healing through song, rattle, and big magical "holy shit!" moments. The feedback I'm getting from past clients is astounding. The most common theme I hear is that of surprise at the healing that took place, and how the reading seem to cut through a lot of bullshit and get to the core. If this calls to you, let’s get started.


Grab your seat at the table at the next reading. Or use the button below. Once you are in the library, you will have access to all readings stored in there. Readings are done during the days of power on the new moon. Collective readings head right into the core of the themes, wounds, openings, growth and blocks that are shared by each and every one of us. This type of visioning reminds us that even though specifics are unique to the individual...we are all connected in our human experiences.

Each reading is a circle of sacred space that you will be a part of energetically. The reading and the monthly password will come to you via email when it is complete. The password will open the door to the members only library of past readings, as long as you are subscribed you will have access to re-visit all of the collective readings.

Other things to know...

  • the library of readings will be password protected and passwords are changed monthly: only current members will have access

  • email delivery of your audio will occur anywhere between a couple of days before the new moon or a day after. I have found that the bones like to be early sometimes, and RARELY are they late....but it does happen. Delivery times each month will vary under that power time of the new moon. (a 3-day window)

  • 2 skipped payments without communication will be removed without notice.

  • you can cancel your membership at are responsible for it's cancellation both in PayPal to stop the reoccurring payments AND for unsubscribing to this list.

  • you can rejoin at any time.

I am honored to be the hollow bone for this wisdom, magic, medicine, and sacred space. It still blows my mind that I get to do this. It still drops me to my grateful knees that the lady of the bones chose me and guides me. May we all let the medicine of magic blow our minds so we can liberate our spirit. Thank you for joining me on this adventure



collective reading every new moon