The item you are trying to purchase is sold out. Even my sweet Juniper is not happy about it. It is my belief that those seeking my shiz have a wild-ish nature that would join me in the idea of trusting the great mystery of life, and that timing in the soul-sense is not necessarily a reflection of timing in the mind-sense.


If you are feeling a YES still, contact me HERE to get on the list. In the subject please type _______________waiting list. (insert the thing you are attempting to make yours). I will be able to put you on the list for the next available round.

In regards to Bone Readings, this usually means the next full moon round. In regards to rattles and drums, this means you will be added to the list and you will be informed when you are on deck for the next hide I will be working. In all regards, I will alert you beforehand with a payment link to confirm and ensure your spot. Thank you for understanding.

Blessings, Nissa.