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Drums call to us, we hear it as a stirring in the belly, the echo of memory in dreams. They cannot be ignored or rushed. Occasionally, they become a herd of drums in your life, each one with a particular message.

Want to make good with your intuition, to see what it takes to make powerful medicine? Join the circle and learn to make that medicine with your own hands, as your body experiences what it feels like to cut through thick skin.

It is time to stop ignoring the call? To stop pushing our inner selves down into something small? It is time to step a little further out of bounds, just far enough that it’s scary? Growth only happens when we step beyond the comfort zone.

Invest in showing up to your inner world with action, movement and wholeness. Learn to grow expansively, out of the smallness, to connect with the sacred sound of your inner Truth.

Drum making is a powerful step into having a deep conversation with your inner selves. It’s big and scary and powerful, yes. But you won’t be going there alone.

There isn’t a person who has made a drum with me that hasn’t been challenged; who hasn’t also been held, loved and guided through the threshold. This is an opportunity to forge your connections to inner-Self. To discover the depth of making you own medicine. I will continue to guide you after your drum is made. We will continue to explore the magic medicine of drumming throughout the following month after the workshop. You will not be alone, I will be there with you, your new drum sisters will be there with you.

P.S. I can hear you thinking: “but Nissa, I’m not a healer”. Guess what- doesn’t matter. Everyone, whether they’re healing consciously or not, benefits from drum work. Heal yourself, and you will change your world for the better.



Drums are connected to the heartbeat of the earth, in working with one, that energy is brought directly to the palm of your hand. The earthly energy calms the body, the nervous system, the stabilizing sound lowers the brain waves into a meditative state, opening it for shamanic journey.

Sacred sound medicine delivered by drums is loving, non-judgmental, and will call out our self-made obstacles in a heartbeat. They can clear paths with the consistency of our own heart beats. Drums bring comfort to all circles. They are a trusted ally you can hold in your hand, against your body. They are always waiting for you, no matter the time.

Drums work because they move energy in waves, in every direction. The sound of drum beats meet us where we are- up or down. Drum beats move the obstacles out of the body without having to feed them. Drums are liberating. They give us the chance to speak from the scar, not the wound. It is up to us, whether that freedom is received or set aside.Drums will ground the anxious and those loving and supporting them. The beats can calm and fortify the body and mind under an anxiety attack on yourself or for others.

Grip strength, the ability to hold a drum, is directly connected with heart health. The heart center, the rooted home of emotions is directly connected to our hands. Our hands are powerful, capable of cutting, holding, loving. Our hearts can be powerful change makers, if partnered with strong hands and a steady beat. In this, drums support our ability to heal on all levels.

A drum holds the space for the sacred part of you, it calms and opens groups. Drums fill, cleanses, and supports the container of souls, so they can be open to healing.

drum making circle

$450 paid in full

drum making circle

three subscription payments of $155



  • In-person drum making weekend in my home on September 22nd & 23rd. I live in St. Helens, Oregon

    • I will provide all materials and tools needed to make your drum.

  • Online space in Ruzuku with a course platform for ease of movement both before & after the making days. Energetic & logistical preparations will be available immediately upon enrollment.

  • Hide transformation video and space to dive into what that reflects to you.

  • The online circle continues for a month after you return home with online video gatherings.

  • Full support in the process, both energetically and logistically.

  • Fire circle. A virtual place to share your process.

  • Lots of space for spontaneous magic to pop in. I don’t run on rigid ways. I do a flexible structure.

  • Shamanic journeys, free range guidance and prompting, and a wild place to transform YOU as you transform the hide into a drum.

  • 3 live-stream video tutorials via Zoom video for guidance & support. Dates for these gatherings are TBD until I secure my hunting dates that occur during this time. The video series will cover:

    • Finishing touches of wrapping handle, making beater stick, and creating the drums' voice.

    • Building a relationship with your drum.

    • Care and feeding of your drum.

    • Tutorials on drum sound medicine basics. (drum smudge, extractions, journey beats, power filling, etc)

    • Recordings of these live-streams in case you can’t make the live time.

"I loved the drum-making workshop. You held us all so fully in realness. I appreciated every minute of it: the glorious elk hide, the company, the wisdom from you, and your holding of us all plus King Elk. I am grateful for the way you cut through the bullshit and allow everyone to surrender."
~ Dawn