The Space In-between Death & Rebirth

This space is the space of transformation. Transforming the matter of the animals' hides. Transforming their skin & fur into a naked womb to create rebirth of sound medicine. This page is reserved for those who have said YES to a drum or rattle. Welcome.

First Things First

I require your declaration from which to call in the creation of your drum or rattle. Each body remains undone until I have your voice to stand with me as I work. Allow your feels to write the truths for you. I'm listening...

 Declarations. This is an important step on this journey. Please pop over to THIS PAGE and complete your declarations so I have them for the process of midwifing your sacred sound. The remainder of this page can be savored over the time in-between sending your declarations and the birth of your drum or rattle.

Bookmark or save this page for quick & easy access during this process.

The Real Deal

The truth is...the sacred sound medicine I make only occurs when an animal has died from a hunt me or my family has made. A life was taken, honored, transformed, and rebirthed. And no matter how pretty I make it all sound, the truth animal died. And this is sad. It needs to be sad. It can also be celebrated while being sad. I believe that I can best honor the gift of their body by doing what I do and by also never loosing sight of the sadness. I want them to see me continue the practice of acknowledging the gift of their life that they gave in death. I ask that you join me in doing the same...feeling the sadness of it and saying THANK YOU. 

The process of me transforming the hides and midwifing your sacred sound can have mirrors and messages all over the place for you. Remain open. Listen with sacred ears.

Feel your feels. Shed the layers. Strip. Glisten. Rebuild.

Disclaimer::this video is showing your the nitty gritty truth that may be difficult for might say they are "graphic". To me, it's a way of life and tradition. To me, it's the vulnerable spotlight of digging deep. To me, it's why I do what I do and how I do the honoring of these animals with my hands & heart. Consider steadying yourself before watching. Consider asking if you are willing & able to face possible triggers & judgements. Showing the bloody, muddy truth of the wild is part of my purpose and a way to honor my medicine. AND...I respect anyone's truth that may not be ready to witness it. There is still much for you to experience if you feel a "no" to this video. 

How we treat death is how we show up in Life.
— Nissa


(*for those who watched)

What did you notice while watching the video?

What do you notice about what you noticed?

How can you honor & digest what came up for you?

Is there need for cord cutting or shedding?

Do what is true for you to honor this journey.

Alter invitation

I invite you to build an alter for your sacred sound. Consider placing your declarations on it and meditating on them everyday. An alter is like sending out a bat-signal to the spirit of your sacred sound. It's a place to anchor in with your experience as you soul craft the connection to the spirit of the animal...and the spirit of your drum or rattle.

The spirit of the animal and the spirit of your drum or rattle is guiding not only me, but YOU lean in, listen, and commune with it during this process. It honors their life & death & rebirth when we connect energetically...and the more, the merrier! The spirit of your drum or rattle is standing by early on...brought to the fringes by the declarations you sent me. They witness & support the transformation process until it's time to choose their bodies. (which happens when the hide has become a naked womb from which all bodies are cut from) You can tune in and journey to the spirit of your sacred sound maker at anytime as well. Get to know it. Listen to it. Allow yourself to shift and heal and calibrate to the energy of what you have declared that you are calling into your life. These items are being "born" to give you support and guidance. And as stubborn humans, sometimes we need to remember to choose to listen. Open to receive the messages and awarenesses of what needs to change in your everyday outer world to be the expression of who you really are in your inner world. IOW...look for shit you need to change or finally change this shit you've been resisting to change. Just like these can transform too. What if the most powerful spiritual experience is that of a human who changes with change?