Walk with me:::Going on a Quest

It's Tuesday. I'm about ready to head out for a 3 day solitude retreat with my sweet Juniper. (Boxer furbaby) This trip was intended to be a silent space for me to just be alone and unplug. Then, Sunday happened and I heard myself declaring things I wasn't aware of. Monday had me in the West with the Water and all the feels. It was yesterday that I could see that Quest has shown up in my life...and that this 3 days pampering of solitude and hiking is embodying the intention of Quest

It was not long after I made this video that I declared that I'm in a Quest cycle this week. The power of Rewilding Wholeness that was started this Spring and is evolving this coming Equinox has changed me. With little shifts, so much has changed in the last 6 months. 

So...here I go. Off to give myself to the power of Quest. To surrender to the dismemberment. To shatter illusion. To mercy kill and pull the plug. To permission myself. To remember myself. To reanimate my magic from the mummification of busy-ness. To walk the forest with my dog and listen, wail, lay down, and receive. To take my sacred work ethic into the wilderness for some "walking the talk". To Rewilding the Rewilding that is coming forward for you to join. How can I be a better guide if I don't continue to make my wild more deep and wide? 

So...here I go. I've said yes to Quest and it has begun for me before I leave. Now, I own that I am doing this Quest in a very non-traditional way. I've done them traditional. I've broken those rules and did them my own way. And now I'm breaking them again to know Quest in another way. So, for any die-hard red-roaders out there...YES, I know this is "not how it's done". AND...I'm a wild soul of great mystery living in a human animal. I will migrate and adapt and do it my own damn way. I will pioneer new paths on old lands to evolve the scenery for future generations. #wearethenewancestors 

Permission granted to not need anyone's permission. And...I'm OUT!

You can sign up or renew now for Rewilding. The welcome wagon begins on September 23rd. We cast the circle on October7th. I can tell you what I know for myself...I am a better woman for it. 

"Being better, and trying to be better isn't about not being good enough.

Making yourself better is evolution."~Nissa Howard 

I also know this to be true...no one else has what you have inside. Know one else can make you better. Sovereignty promises us that we have the right & responsibility to our Life, and that you have to DO the things that change you. The Wild promises us that evolution is the difference between surviving and thriving.