It's called "hunting", not "getting"


Oh Eastern Oregon. Land of my soul peace, and where I hunt. This is the land that raised me to be the woman I am. This land is my mother. Oh, Eastern Oregon. Land where what you see in the picture above is one road becoming two. 

It's been a pretty dry few years for me and my gun. The land owner has had to shift some things for her own livelihood, and when one part shifts...all parts shift...and the whole of it shifts. I'm blessed in how I hunt because even though it's not my land, it's private land and it runs deep in my veins. I'm blessed because my family hunts here and what's left of my "hunting family" hunts here. Between all of us...this land has been a precious provider and caretaker of the deer and elk that y'all get to make your drums and rattles with. The environment is changing. A rightful mourning walks with the effort of acceptance, and is joined by grit of making changes in the situation that has changed.

This year, I was gifted a precious treasure of hunting alone most of the days I was hunting. My hubby and daughter couldn't go. My Dad had his logging job (close by). And the other hunters were already gone. The trip was unsuccessful in the blood shed department. And this happens. It's a called "hunting", not "getting". This is a reality of the wild. I've had seasons of my hunting "career" where every year we tag out and tag out early. Now I'm in a season where the pickin's are slim and the abundance is fallow. And this is okay! Any real hunting will tell you that the kill is not the only target we set our sights on when we hunt. We are there to be in what I call "the real world". We are there to reconnect to nature, ourselves, and something greater than ourselves. The kill is where the hard work begins and isn't our only measure for success. There are no guarantees in the wild...the real wild...not the pre-packaged, safe, version...where someone else does all the work and you just get to show up and pull the trigger. It is unwise to expect have to hunt it down yourself, pull the trigger, and do all the work of making your kill into something. ( this works for non-hunting life too)

In much of what I do...death has had to come first or at least, play a part. Drums and rattles cannot be made without animal hide. Bone readings would not be the magic they are if that elk had not died with shattered bones. And ReWilding Wholeness wouldn't be the container it is without my ability to hold and relationship death well. 

"How you treat death, is how you show up in life." ~Nissa

I treat death with respect, honor, gratitude, and creation. I meet it's pain with willingness to feel it all. These things show up in how I show up in life too. How do you treat death? And can you see how those qualities show up in how you show up? Based on how this awareness tastes to you...either change it, or savor it.

One of the most powerful deaths was the one where the Lady of the Bones was released. It was 2013 or 2014. I can't remember exactly. She became an elk on this land so she could die before me and we could work together. Ever since I met her, she has been in charge of how she works, when she works, and the evolution of it all. 

And, just like my hunting land...the environment is changing for her too. For the last 3 years her and I have solidly worked with her shattered bones to bring ancient ways into the magic of bone reading medicine. She is ready to change. It is time to change how the bone readings are offered.

"All living things have little deaths throughout life." ~Nissa

This shift has been on the winds of my knowing since spring and just like anything else...I've been scoping it out and tracking it's movements and now it's time to pull the trigger on it's threshold of change.#nevernothunting 

In the simplest terms I can muster, the bone readings will now be offered in these two ways:

  1. Membership style. Beginning at the new moon on Samhain, monthly readings will go out to members only and members will have access to the bone reading library.

  2. Deep dive healing. One on one readings can be accessed through my Free-Rand Medicine Sessions in which we meet via Zoom and if a bone reading is needed, a bone reading ye shall have. The Lady of the Bones is desiring a more interactive presence with individual readings...instead of being behind the curtain of a recording, she wants to be with you in real time.

Now...both of these offerings are not quite ready to step into. Me and my Fairy Goddess-Raven are fervently off-roading the best way to share the power of these gifts. And it's harder than you think! It's a special kind of torture to hang on the meathook of "what is my do I describe my do I language this medicine in a way that people can feel it". In a perfect world of magic & hustle, I'd climb right off that fucking meathook and just say..."Hi, I'm Nissa. I'm a seer, mama bear, and free-range medicine woman. My sessions, readings, and makings can help you wisdom your poison and gather your medicine. It's expected to get messy. And it will be totally worth it."...and then droves of other free-range medicine women with rebel hearts and wild craving will join me and I can DO. MY. WORK. (just a little peak into my inner-most desires) I am both idealist and realist. And, realistically I have to unpack that basic truth to give a better understanding...right? Or do I? I wonder what would happen if I put out a sales page that actually just said what is real...all 3 sentences of it and a sign up link. Good Goddess I hope I will be brave enough to do that someday! This is a long winded way of telling you that I hope to have both options ready for you to consider by next week. For sure...the bone reading memebership will be ready for your consideration by next week. I've already got two readings in the library for you to sink your teeth into as soon as you claim your space at the table.

Let's wrap this up! 

Here's the cool stuff I want to make sure you know about. Bone Reading Membership & Free-Range Medicine Sessions are almost out of the birth canal. 

ReWilding Wholeness is blowing my mind and spilling my guts. I can't wait to see it grow even more in the spring. You can follow me on Instagram to get a taste of my own process within the space I hold. Doors open again in the spring.

The Spiral Book of Days is about ready to begin again. I've ordered mine already and want to let you know about it in case it calls to you too. And if you remember...last year I did a give-a-way because I believe in it so much. This fall, I've been tits deep in overwhelm and just haven't had the space to take on one more thing...but I still want to support this book. It is a part of my magical life.