Stories from Quest::: "keeping myself safe".

Another episode of storytelling from my Quest journal that held my healing process from my 3 days of solitude in a forested cabin. Recently, I pulled out my journal from my Quest back in 2015 and I was stunned by how differently I process and move from victim to victor...from pain to power...from poison to medicine. Now, it's less storied and more proactive and self-accountable. I am grateful for my evolution and for my commitment to continue my evolution. 

Look. It's not fun to look in the face of the parts of us that are not behaving with integrity. It's humbling, embarrassing, and triggers feelings shame that are tempting to turn into blame.

Don't shame it...Do something about it!

~Nis-ism of the week by your truly. You can quote me on this.

As medicine keepers, it is our duty to find the medicine in the poisons we carry. It is our right as living creatures to have sovereign knowing of Self. It is our responsibility to do the things that free ourselves from the carcassed agreements that have us struggling.

This story is me sharing with you how I do this work of being an essence of great mystery walking around in a human animal. If this language of my process calls to you or inspires you...learn it for yourself by doing it with me in my Rewilding Wholeness circle. (doors open on the Equinoxes)