Sometimes it takes a concussion...

In today's Sacred Ramble Podcast, I'm following up with you the path I shared a few months ago as I was reflecting on the two years since my head surgery. (find that post HERE)

This isn't the story I was planning to tell today...but it's the story I need to tell. And in telling it...i heard myself gather some really good medicine. Such as..."I'm proving to myself...". I love this. I need this. I am my own biggest I welcome the gritty battlefield of self love to soften this inner demon by proving it wrong.

Now...back to my small nuggets of work. I hope you enjoy today's Sacred Ramble.

Did any reflections show up for you?

What is your default setting on how to handle repeat challenges?

Is there another way?

What do you need to prove to yourself?

Comments open below if you feel called to be heard.

Much love,


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PPS. Full moon coming you need a bone reading?

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