GIVE-AWAY! Spiral Path Book of Days.

About a year ago I began using this book. It has been a valuable companion as I've been clawing to rebuild and rebirth myself. I found it to be a cuddly guide that returns me home to myself every new moon. 


There is an air of ancient goddess rhythm here in this book because it starts on the new moon after Samhain. Come on, now...that totally feeds my witchy heart! I've always felt like THIS time of year in this season of shedding is the time of year that I begin again another path 'round the medicine wheel of having a someplace to show up for my solitary ways that mirrors my own rhythms has rooted me more intimately to my Self this last year. 

Amy Topham of Word Magic Art, along with her co-creators, have woven a well rounded nest of magic from many languages. She brings in tarot, astrology, earth wisdom, and good ol' fashioned wise woman-ing into this book. It is TRULY special. And this year, there are so many changes that have reinvigorated my excitement to dive in again for a deeper spiral around the wheel of the year. 

Basically, I love this book so much I approached Amy about hosting a give-away for it. Now, if you've been traveling life with me for awhile you know I don't give-away much...if at all. But I really feel soul and self nourished by the space this book holds for me and wanted y'all to know it exists.


Here's how we are gonna roll out this give-away: answer the challenge below. You can answer it on several platforms for multiple entries. The platforms are:

  • in the comments of this blog post
  • comment and tag a friend on my Instagram post that I will be putting out in conjunction with this give-away
  • comment and tag on Amy's Instagram post that corresponds to this give-away
  • on Amy's Facebook page

The challenge is: Describe who you are is 1-5 words. What can you DO this coming year to bring your essence into action?

There will be one book given away in a lottery-style drawing on November 11th. The winner will receive the book in time for the new moon on the 18th. How cool is that!?!?! Check it out and if you aren't the winner, you can order it over HERE.


Much Love,