Tracking the roots...Sharing to connect

I am wondering how to I can flourish & thrive. I have been in a cave for so long. I don't necessarily want to leave my cave either. This is the 21st century...and I don't have to leave my cave to connect. DUH! It's so obvious and I'm ready to try many flavors of doing that honor my being. Flavor number one...I am a maker of sacred sound. It is also a natural extension into my being to follow that up with using my voice more. I have found that voice connection through current technology honors the desire to connect more human to human while honoring the new ways of being overly deviced & social media'd. I use texting or emailing recorded file attachments, what's app phone app, and voice memo in messenger in my close friend circles. This has really been working for me...and I've found myself headed in the direction of more disconnect in the places like because I'd rather say what I'm wanting to say. I'm not loving the typing/texting what I want to say. See, everything has gotten so damn automated that I am wanting less and less of it. And I've gone too far into the land of invisibility because of it...this is NOT what I want. I've been saying for well over a year how I want to connect more with this tribe and haven't been able to commit to it in a consistent way because the new traditional way changes with every updated algorithm and I just can't sink my teeth into that noise. I've gotten sick of hearing myself say I want to connect more and not connecting in a way that works for me. That is kinda the epitome of NOT doing what expresses my being, right?!?!?! Right. If I want to connect more, I have to find a way to connect that makes it enjoyable.

Enter, rebel medicine! I hope you enjoy this story of now. I hope you will feel like it's a beginning of knowing me more. I hope it is the beginning of finding my flavor of doing what honors my being. I hope it is the beginning of a future in podcasting! I am, trying this flavor of connection. I hope you enjoy it.


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