Journey Meditation Tracks

*all rights of these tracks reserved for Nissa Howard


Sound medicine moves energy without the story and through the feeling. May you be held in it's arms and allow yourself to receive the shifts & re-calibrations to occur in you. I offer you this variety for you to explore through experiencing. I offer you differences so you can strengthen the intuition muscle AND the choice muscle. YOU are sacred space...what you choose and how you do will feed you as long as it is true to you. around! Journey to a flute...meditate to drum. Journey standing up and moving around. Meditate with voice. Do what is true to you. You will know by how you feel. It's may not be explainable. Welcome to the wild within you, may you feel it, know it, and build trusting relationship to it. The great mystery within you is ready for you to join in.

Choose the track you desire to hold you in your journey. High quality speakers or earbuds are recommended.