Birthing sacred sound with Nissa as a guide is a holy experience. She creates space that takes you deep into the life and desire of these sacred tools…. allowing you to meet the animal allies that sacrificed their lives to come through in this new way AND to get comfortable with the gifts of death and rebirth. She helps facilitate dialogue between animal and human (or maker??), creating an intimate relationship that goes beyond physicality of simply a drum and rattle. The expression that keeps coming up is… practical magic.
— Jen Trulson
Bone Readings have brought me great clarity, healing, and most of all confidence to step deeper into my Truth as an artist and woman.  I am so in love with Nissa and the work she fosters with the Lady of the Bones.  After my very first reading I signed up to make these offerings a monthly commitment and I have never been disappointed yet — sometimes surprised or even challenged — but never disappointed.  Thank you Nissa for shining your amazing light and for the beautiful way you listen to the bones.
— Connie Solera
INTEGRITY. It’s a non-negotiable in my world for a space holder. Nissa will deliver.
— Regina Viars
It meant so much to me to be held, to have strength and comfort given to me. Right now I am feeling so depleted, like there isn’t enough of me to go around. I needed the medicine I was given today.
— Anonymous
Participating in Nissa’s online courses has been life changing. The course content and supportive, online space she holds creates a whimsical and gritty form of magic with a healthy dose of cheeky wickedness. Her work speaks to my subconscious, drawing out my own magic and truth.
— Diane Oliver
Thank you Nissa for my bone reading that has taken me deep into myself. A journey, as it should be, but I didn’t expect this and so had to stop and restart my recording once I got myself in a more sacred, receptive space. The pieces have layers. As I listened over three days with the full moon, it’s so much more than a ‘reading’. There’s deep healing happening with a definite soul-depth confirmation of what we can glimpse for ourselves. I also experience an initiation or jump-start into what I couldn’t grasp just yet too - sort of like a torch held out so one can see our wider circle for a bit and get a decent nibble and taste of what is trickling in for us. Absorbing the layers is happening over time. Happy to have found you Nissa, carrying your bone bundle. I’ll be heeding the call from the Lady of the Bones and be in touch for more. xo
— Jen Costa
Working with Nissa is gift. You will be held, you will be challenged, you will be broken open, you will be encouraged and supported toward wholeness. She urges you toward growth by gently challenging your self-limiting schemas, and holds you in the sacred, loving space of a woman who knows, who’s done the work, and who continues to do it every day.
— Brandi Bonde
I loved the honesty of Nissa’s content and videos. There’s an alchemy that happens when a leader is willing to be open, as she is. It makes it okay for *us* to do so, too. And in this world of surface connections, that honest sharing is deeply, deeply healing. Generally speaking, I’d like to say to anyone considering working with Nissa: TAKE THIS. JUST GO SIGN UP. TRUST ME., because I get inarticulate about how awesome the experience is.
— Anonymous
I purposely provided very little information about what I was actually dealing with and the reading was dead on. It accurately reflected the fears and doubts I had been feeling and it validated to me - sometimes word for word! - what my inner voice had been saying to me. I’d been too disconnected to be able to hear fully, but hearing it come from another person, who didn’t really know me, helped me get over my self-doubt and trust that the wisdom I was hearing was truth. Nissa also gave me a very clear visual of the inner landscape I was navigating. As a very visual person, I was able to really put myself into the scene that she described. Over the weeks since the reading, I have continued to tap into this imagery and use it in my healing journeys.
— Amy