Messages Everywhere

31 Days of unearthing the magic and inner wisdom in everyday life.

You know that saying..."I am a spiritual being having a human experience"? It's lovely, right? It reminds us that we are more than this fleshy thing...that we have an essence at play in the action-jackson of life. This saying brings in that air of great mystery to shine a light on the fact that we are not alone in our bodies.


Our bodies are where we are! We are ALSO human beings having a spiritual experience...having a human experience. Are you dizzy yet? Yeah, it can go there. Messages Everywhere was created from heart of a desire to weave these two realms of one's life in a fun, ease-filled, and creative way. 31 days of prompts and guidance. Each with a root in element of Earth, Air, Fire, Water to bring that spirit...great mystery...essence...into your everyday life.

When purchase is complete you will be taken to a page where you can download the interactive PDF file. If for some reason that is glitchy, please contact me.