Hey, I'm Nissa...

Sacred individualist. Free range medicine woman. Magic Maker.

Hi, I'm Nissa. I'm a free-range medicine woman, seer, and healer/guide for the places and spaces I offer.

I'm big on the magic of AND. I'm big on imperfections and wounded-ness and broken-ness...because they are a part of wholeness. I believe there is medicine and poisonn in everything, so don't get too attached to your perspective. I believe in ending all my stories in medicine.

I'm big on sacred sass and ugly truths. I am big on work ethic and owning your shit. I believe that the only constant in Life is change...therefore, nothing is for sure. I believe the hardest thing to do sometimes is to soften and recieve...and it's fucking worth it. I have learned pain won't kill me, but not turning that pain into power will kill my soul.

I believe I am my own container of sacred space...and so are you.

Do you resonate? I carry these truths into my work. Join a circle and have some fun making magic and medicine in your life.

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Old thoughts, below. New explorations above

“When I first started working with Nissa, I felt a little star-struck, having been a fan of hers for some time. Her laid-back style put me at ease immediately, even as her badass “take no shit” vibe earned my deep respect. She gave me just the right mix of structure to keep me accountable and freedom to find my own way. Nissa is the kind of teacher that doesn’t feel threatened when her students rise up into their own sovereignty. She celebrates it. It is rare to find a leader who is capable of holding space for others while simultaneously taking up her own space in the circle, and Nissa makes it look easy (even when I know it’s not!) I couldn’t ask for a better, more trustworthy guide into my inner wilderness.” ~Amy Campbell Topham