A Growl Comin' From The Cave

*photocredit: thomas aquinas magquire

Surrounded by the cave, sacred fire burning well.

A gutteral rumbling echoed around me, sending shivers up my spine.

I thought, should I be scared? It's was hard to tell.

Then I realized this growl was inside of me and knew I was fine.

So, I got behind the growl and gave it some love. It needs to be seen.

It's language is not of words, more like energy that is big and pure.

It awakens the bones and shakes the core.  It is ge ntle, not mean.

No message, just the drive to do it my way.  This is for sure.


Yeppers, just call me cave woman, y'all! At least one part of me will answer to it. This growl....it had so much "umph" in it.  It had a pulse, a life force of pure motivation.  I kept asking it for a message and nothing came.  The message to me IS the growl.  The message to me is to use that growl as the engine behind my purpose.  There is no explaining or debate about it.  It is void of labels and boxes and judgement.  Simple energy....thrusting forward. Returning me home to myself. Keeping those who fear the growl at a distance.

Let's face it, not everyone likes a growl.

I'm the kind of person who hears thunder or an animal growl and it thrills me to my bones.  Some people hate it.  What kind are you?  Explore your inner responses to these questions.

Is there a growl in you?

Where in you body do you feel it?

How does it feel?

What triggers it?

What does it require from you to settle down and be loved?

We are heading into what is typically a crazy, frazzled season of holiday stuff.  This is a season where maybe one OD's on "have to's" and "shoulds", and the growl just may make an appearance or two.  I invite you to hold onto it with a listening heart, sit with it a breath or two, and love it...thank it for reminding you of what's going on inside.