Be Where you Are


Be where you are.  A phrase with possible confusion to geographical reference, but in this case it will have a meaning of embracing your mental, emotional, or energetic state of being in any given moment or situation. Be where you are...sounds so simple, doesn't it?  Sounds so freeing, doesn't it?  This is something I often tell myself and my clients, and it usually has a very grounding and introspective effect.  As if this phrase triggers a "freeze" command from the inner Self to take a moment and discover where you are, so you know where to be.  In this "freeze" the simple concept becomes layers of awareness to filter through.  The freedom becomes a download of observations and choices, and there is empowerment through intention and choice.  All of this within a breath of being where you are.

I love this phrase because it challenges the denial mechanism of the ego, allowing you to release the mind chatter of the ego by being in your truth of the moment or emotion. It challenges your intentional awareness to rise up and have a vision, and a voice in that moment.  And I find it challenges the inner Self (authentic Self) to take ownership of what you are creating, thereby giving you choices to intentionally redesign what you are creating.

It is common nowadays for people to be so overloaded with external information that they aren't really sure where they are, or how to sit in it.  For example, feelings of sadness or grief.  How many times have you felt sad and you cover it up with a smile to "fake it till you make it"? When was the last time you felt anger and let the patterns of your upbringing talk you into avoiding conflict?  How often do you reach for a movie, TV, or social networking to pull your attention to other peoples lives, so you don't have to feel yours?  Sure...sadness, anger, or feeling less than aren't a day at the spa, but they are a piece of our human experience.  In truth, feeling EVERY emotion is a gift of knowledge and learning that we have the honor of experiencing in life.

Just today, I was a bit out of sorts. Kinda cranky this morning.  My hubby politely observed that I was being awfully touchy and asked why.  In that moment, I took a deep breath and felt where I was.  I surrendered to my cranky and just immersed myself in it.  I felt the layers of egoic mind chatter about some thoughts I needed to release.  I realized that I had full power in where I was to choose to listen to the mind chatter and let it hold me hostage, or choose to let go of those thoughts that aren't making me happy and move into a lighter, happier day.  And it felt great to have the choice, and even better when I released those thoughts that weren't doing me any good.  It encourages me that the shift happens so swiftly when I don't allow denial of my emotions to keep me from where I am, and living fully in every moment.

I invite everyone to surrender to where you are in each moment, fearlessly be where you are and create choices for yourself and the situation.  Endless possibilities available to you...where you are!