The circle is open...


Picture by Nissa

...but not broken

For a long while now I've been holding circles of sacred space for women who are on the awakened wild path. I've held them close to my heart, so close in fact they have been held in the shadows of my heart which is why not everyone knows about them. Honoring my fear and insecurity by only doing and offering what I felt safe to do....staying my own course regardless of how others do. All the while, the soul of these circles has been patiently waiting with love. Brewing, stewing, and percolating my inner knowing that there is more to do, more to be, and the fear stuff is an essential element to the timing of my divine course. As the fear is flooded with love and acceptance it releases the grip on my gut and that is how I know it's time for the next step. The circle is now opening via an outward spiral, making space and sending an invitation out to those wild enough to hear it. The circle is not broken as it spirals, it only gains dimensions. The space they have taken in my heart is spiraling out and broadening the call to gather.

...and so it is

These soul craft circles have a breath of their own. What happens in a circle is divinely conspired in the moment, for the moment, and for the souls who show up. It's organic, fluid, connected, woven, elemental, womb-ish, rich, ceremonial. You've seen my tagline "diggin' deep, owning up", right? Well in these soul craft circles, this is more than a tagline, it's a practice. It's necessary. It's part of expressing your authentic truth from your sacred and authentic voice. The circle is a cauldron of witness.

...brave vulnerability

The vision is clear. They are not for everyone, but for those who come the decision is surely known from a wild and deep place. Are you hearing the growl from inner wild woman? The scent in the air? A call from your heart?

...embrace trust

For more details on the integrity and mission and heart of these circles, read my soul craft circle page. And if you have any questions, contact me. This page also has a link to registering for my June 22nd circle. Welcoming the wild women to gather.


Click HERE to go to the page I created just for this event. It's got a link to an invite video and a cool call to action button. The smallest victory with technology is now being celebrated in my life. So, I hope you give this a gander. It has links to the above linked pages.

Thank you for reading this and standing as witness to my step into that place outside the comfort feels awesome. May you follow your heart too.

Blessings, Nissa