Do You Hear That? Is It A Roar?


So, why is it we try to only feel and show emotions labeled "good"?  Who are we fooling, really? Who are we trying to convince, really?  

We are molded through a system of reward that "good girls" don't do this..."good boys" do that.  This programming runs deep into our emotional map, but is it serving us as we carve our own passion's voice and path in our life?   What if our highest potential or our life's purpose requires us to piss some people off?  Yet, the stand we take to speak our truth is as necessary and essential to our life as the air we breath? In fact without that stand, without that roar from our authentic self, our light will suffocate and die out.


I realize that the outer world we live in has many restraints and judgments on those who dare to be different and challenge the conformity of social norm.  However, this isn't the way of the inner world where our authentic self lives and our truth is the language we speak.  I realize that when we aren't comfortable with our own empowerment and truth seeking we easily hide in the PC box and suffocate our roar.  Some would say it's easy...but how easy is it to slowly suffocate and live a light-less life?  How can it be easy to feel amplified anxiety and panic as your authentic self breaths less and less air?  How can it be easy to have your body manifest illness and disease because you are in this constant state of panic and lack of self truth?


Is it scary to stand up and speak your truthful language? Sure!


Could it be lonely when people exit your life because your truth language reminds them that they aren't willing to find their own roar and speak their own truth language? Sure!


Is it terrifying to be flooded with life changes that are necessary for creating a new inner landscape that nourishes your truth? Absolutely.


Is it uncomfortable to feel and show your raw and truthful emotions when you are used to locking them up?  Well, that is for you to decide.  Personally, I love the thrill and the rush of exploring new aspects and lands of my wild self.


I have lived through and know that all the scary, the terrifying, the uncomfortable is worth it because I now live and speak from my inner world and the vast resources it offers.  And I live there in deep gratitude for life, nature, and deep breaths.


I have found amazing happiness in letting my "good girl" die and creating an inner world that nurtures my roar.  I am okay with not always being popular, because I am okay with being my wild, authentic self.


The question for today is: do you hear a roar inside you?

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