How I get through not knowing what I'm doing.


I do it anyway.

I cling to the self-compassion that life IS a practice.

I give myself permission to fuck up.

I open my explorers' heart that eagerly heads into the unknown adventure.

When doubt or fear sickness set in, I breath deeply, name it, talk to it, and let it be a part of the journey.

I do it anyway.

Not knowing, unsure, vulnerable, I battle the disease of "am I wasting my time?"

Frustrated with the obstacles of survival....hell thrive-ival.

Maddened by the dehydration of "why am I not getting the hits?

Hunted by the monsters within.

I do it anyway.

It is my land, creative soul creating my life.

When the storm of overwhelm rumbles in I stop and let the storm take away the heavy stuff that isn't really meant to be done.

I navigate the adventure with my instincts and feeling senses...for the mind chatter is like quicksand.

Uncharted territory of anything means having to make my own paths and experiencing what is in front of me.

I do it anyway.

Because my soul has a fire burning to be more than what I am (thank you Bear medicine).

Because through the discomfort of fear, there is the thrill and truth of vulnerability.

Because sharing that truth spreads new seeds on the wind to inner landssapes everywhere.

Because being who I am feels authentic when I'm living what feels right to me.

photo & quote by Nissa

And so it begins....a new adventure. Can I keep going? Keep my focus on what I create and away from what you think about it? Will the desire to surrender to be seen come as abundant nourishment? God I hope so. I crave it to be so. Thank you for witnessing. My wish is to uplift and inspire you. And I pray that all the social, cyber, blah blah blah and I will find a way to love each other so I can be fully seen and begin really doing my work. Which, by the way, my website is up and has information on what I do and what I offer. Blessings to you of your own adventure being fun and authentically YOU. Nissa

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