Hole in my head...


Well, this 18 minute video blog (vlog) spells the important stuff out in a rambling way...true Nissa style. For all of you who have asked and wondered WTF, here's the gist of the hole in my head and what I'm going to do about it and why I will be "offline" for the remainder of the year. My assistant Jen, may be reaching out to y'all on my behalf, so stay tuned for whatever happens!


There is still a lil' bit of room for Sunday's soul craft circle. Wild women...do you need some time to gather and reset? Join me as we travel the inner lands of strength and learn from the sources of strength that surround us. I'd love to see a full house, so if you feel nudged...join the circle! It's 10am to 4pm here at my Queendom cave of sacred space. (I have cats and dog if that is a deal breaker for you)


Password:: holeinthehead