Knowing Who You Are


Who are you?

A question that haunts many a human heart and mind.  For those who answer the calling of this question, it seems to ignite a spirit of searching, wondering, and exploration.  The seeker becomes like Indiana Jones, the answer to this question becomes like the treasure Indie is scouring the world for.  And like Indie, finding this treasure is all consuming in one's life.  The thrill of attaining the coveted prize (the answer to who you are) puts everyone in a place where all there is, is this treasure.  The hunt for it creates a series of obstacles, villains to overcome, and a comedy of errors for you to look at later and laugh about.  And, like Indie, when one treasure is found, there is another one to uncover.  So.....

What if this is a question that is best left unanswered?

Or a treasure left un-found?  If the attaining of an answer or a treasure or a goal only leads to a brief ya-hoo followed by a dismissal of the hard won path to get there, then one isn't really living the answer they receive. How many memories or life-filled moments are missed or ignored at the expense of searching to figure out who you are?  What if never answering the question "who am I" gives you the freedom to see and feel and be who you are because you aren't feverishly focused on this far off treasure? 

What if the answer to "who am I" is a remembering, not a discovery?

Just thinking out loud...

In Soul Retrieval , the bits and pieces of your soul are returned to your present consciousness and they bring with them the ingredients of your soul that have been tossed aside or forgotten.  This is such a gift.  Remembering that you have this potential or that dream or this gift or that truth. It is a remembering of a part of you.  I love doing Soul Retrievals for this reason.  To witness one's remembering of wholeness and who they are, is beautiful.  It's like the treasure is found from's been there the whole time...and there is so much to remember.

What if the remembering is a beginning again?

And it's a new beginning every time you remember who you are.  A real-time, present moment choice to shift back into who you are...just as you crazy life-threatening escapades to find the treasure that is your authentic, whole Self.

What if "who you are" is a choice you make in every moment?

To feel what you want to feel, and choosing actions that move you into the feeling of your truth. What would you be doing differently?  Would you speak to yourself differently?  Imagine the view from wholeness!