I need your feedback!

Hello wonderful one!

Lots happening in my lil' world. My homefront is undergoing some re--calibrating, so naturally by the reflective nature of being alive, my inner world is re--calibrating. I am suddenly in a very powerful place of seeing clearly what it is I'm doing with my time because now my time flow has shifted. I'm seeing that hard thunk in the gut of "I have not been using my time wisely and in alignment with what I really want". Yeah...that one still stings...


I can stop at that reflection, look deep into it's eyes, and explore some change. I want to begin frequent and creative soul craft offerings both online and live. I want to make this all happen in a way that feels successfully rock-star-ish when it's done. AND I want to make it all happen with efficiency and an ass ton of fun.


I want to offer my first ever online Soul Craft circle in July. A 10 day soul digging program where we will focus on weeding out the lil' life suckers that have cluttered the beautiful plants you set to seed earlier this year. I'm not talking literal plants...soul seed plants of your ideas, inspirations, goals, dreams, desires, and personal path-work.

I know for me, I ask for and set out to plant my soul/dream seeds and forget to tend to their well being and nourished vitality. Saying this, let it be known I'll be doing this work with you. If you need more on my perspective of a circle, you and read it on my Soul Craft circle page. But the gist is circles breed equality, I am in the circle next to you. Yes, I'm guiding it...let's face it, that is what you'll pay me for, and guiding it means I'm with you every step of the way...right next to you. And you will be next to another, weeding your inner soil free from nutrient thiefs, and they will be weeding theirs. The collective energy build by pulling out and making space boosts the support for all. It's just so cool...this process of circling!

I need your help...

I need to know if there is enough interest.. enough YES's to the circle to give birth to this program. Please take this quick survey. This will determine if I proceed for July. And I've also set up a registration list via MailChimp, feel free to add yourself here if you for sure want to go down this path with me. The cost will be $35 for 10 days of weeding your precious soul soil.

My heart is drooling with desire to do this in July, something in my bones is pushing me to do offer it for July. So, I'm opening this door and embracing the rush of vulnerability and bravery that is flowing freely right now in my body.

And for anyone who does this survey will have their name thrown into a bowl and once my decision is made, I will pick a name from that bowl and this person will receive a gift of an intuitive guidance session. I appreciate you taking the time to help me help myself. Blessings of play, passion, and purpose to you!



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