Open Call for the Next Generation of Inspiring Quotes


Photo by Tiffanie Davis Quote by Nissa Be the change you want to see in the world. ~Ghandi

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. ~Dalai Lama

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anais Nin

These powerful words have carried powerful souls through powerful times. These quotes have inspired, ignited, and uplifted those in need of the energy boost. They have stood as guideposts and soulful life preservers for travelers of the shadows and warriors of challenges.  Imagine who you'd be if you hadn't heard the quotes that have ignited, inspired, and fed you? If these souls hadn't dared to speak their truth, our world wouldn't have these unifying quotes to weave with.

Now, I'm not saying they aren't relevant...they are timelessly relevant. They speak to a part of the soul that knows their truth, because to a part of us they are true; and that has changed the world in some way. Change in one person, changes the world. Anyway.... what I am saying is...

What life changing/world changing quote is in you?

In this tribe of the wild ones, we are something new on Mama Earth. We don't like labels, we destroy the cages and boxes we might find ourselves in. There is a new heartbeat rhythm born in us that is pulsating through the elements and rippling out...and it's beat is one of creative spiritualism and the freedom that comes from this...freedom to believe what you believe so authentically there is room for others to believe differently than you. This tribe dances to the fires of allowing, accepting, and being totally cool with not knowing it all or having to be right to be valued. This tribe migrates as individuals and supports each route as one.  A tribe of magic makers, wholeness seekers, wise souls, and strong hearts. And we are the new Ghandi's, the new Lama's, the new voices of the evolutionary soul.

This is kinda turning into a manifesto...huh!

Imagine, in 20 years...people are moved by and quoting you!? Yeah...that's right...stops you in your tracks. And what if you didn't say it? What if that golden nugget of soul was shushed yet again?  Suffocating your sacred voice of purpose. What if you let it roar with the passion of your authentic voice and it gave a soul starved, waiting-to-awake tribesman the food they needed to become more of who they are. What if, the purpose isn't about the masses, but about bravely speaking vulnerable wisdom quotes to the person in front of you...and if feels good to you to give voice authentic truth...and it uplifts both are changed...which changes the world.

Open call for the next generation of wisdom, inspiration, and quotations.

I invite you to a challenge. Start writing your genius down. Is there a quote in you that you've already said and know it to be true? Is there a token of empowerment just screaming to get out of your throat? What's stopping you? Say it outloud when you are alone and let that truth run out of the cage of smallness you are in. I invite you to begin a tender awareness of your words...listen to them in a way you want others to listen to you...listen to them may be saying more than you may be hearing your soul speak to you.

I invite you to begin being your own inspiring quote it for it to uplift yourSelf. Then share it here! Or on my Facebook page, or on YOUR Facebook page, or in a Soul Craft Circle (coming June 22nd), or in a private journal where you are changing the world by inspiring and uplifting yourself.

What inspiring wisdom is within  you? What is your truth in a sentence of two?

The world needs to hear it.

I'd love to hear from you. Reply below, Pin it, post your quote of share this post here. Open call...seriously...and make sure to credit yourself at the end of your quote.