Renewed Balance


The calendar has turned to 2012.  The process I've shared with you over the last several blogs feels like years in my past, not weeks.  Those mirrors in part one are still reflecting elements of my thoughts, choices, and relationships that I need to address.  They come up daily and every time I address one, it feels like a layer of weight is being peeled off my being and replaced with awareness and balance.  Each reflection has been tracked back to it's reflection within me.  For example, I thought I was the kind of friend who didn't keep score with my friends. Until I befriended someone who also said they didn't keep score with their friends.  After the friendship had blossomed, they showed me through actions they in fact did keep score.  This shined a light on the mirror so bright it stung my inner vision.  Choosing to look at the reflection gave me the opportunity to see that in fact, I too, kept score deep down.  Then looking at this, I realized that in telling myself that I don't keep score, I wasn't being accountable to acting on not keeping score.  This information gave me the clarity I needed to shift back to an place of redefining who I am as friend through actions and not statements.  The friendship with that person has drastically changed since I shifted my perspective.  The coolest thing about this little anecdote is that it took me minutes to work through and when I began this process several weeks ago, that first mirror took days and days and days to work through. Let me tell ya, muddling through this process strengthens your own ability to heal and see clearly.  It's like a work out for self-realization.  See my strong spirit muscles?  It's the self realized gun show!! From this renewed expression of balance I'm relishing at the moment, I look back at the the process part two.  The sitting in it.  I an remember experiencing the difficulty, the irritability, the sadness.  Yet, in the renewal of my Self, I feel like they are badges of honor...battle scars worn with pride that mark where I've been so I don't go back.  True, it may look weird for you to read  this but in truth I am so happy I felt all that crap, all that lack of being able to breath.  I appreciate it's part of the process because it reminds me of why I work on my spirit and why I do healing work on others.  The labor of sitting in it brings a sense of empowerment that lets our battle scarred warrior heal.

Part three of the process is like walking towards the light...the inner light of my authentic Self.  Or, like being pushed through the birth canal into a renewed state of spirit. (either one feels appropriate)  Choosing to be intentional and empowered.  Choosing to heal and move on.  Choosing to appreciate the lessons.  Seeing the lessons with compassion and joy is like rocket fuel for more lessons to be seen clearly and the kicker here is that I don't have to go through the hard stuff from part one and two!  These elements of empowerment: choice, intention, appreciation, and allowance of healing turn the process into more of a checklist of realization instead of a heart aching experience.  "Hmm, let's see, first on the list...mirror of friendship keeping score...oh, duh!  I am not acting as a good friend, I'm saying I'm a good friend! I know I can change that. Done!"  What's next on the list? and so on.  It's funny and I mean that literally, I am laughing out loud with every lesson from every mirror in every day.  Well right now anyway, moving through the process started an engine of awareness and I'm in a hot rod of healing. But in the beginning it wasn't super fun.

The process along with continuing the reflection work, using the elements of empowerment, embracing the lessons, and moving forward.  It's all worth it to be in an expanded state of renewed balance.  It's SO worth it because when there is balance, there is an ignition of passionate creativity.  Boundless energy skipping and booty shaking its vibes from within you and you just flow through your day with magic, joy, clarity and strength.  All of this, coming from the inner world of your authentic Self, doesn't have an off button.  It isn't a well that will dry up.  It is always accessible to us when we get out of our own way and allow it.  And THAT is why the process of moving through emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that no longer work for us is worth it. are seeing your reflections as opportunity to learn, heal, and be empowered.  What would your easy checklist look like?  What is on that list?  Track each item back to where it started within you, a thought, a situation, a belief, a wound.  Imagine...seeing it clearly the action you must take to not have this staring back at you.  Or experience a  shift of thinking or feeling instantly take place in the clarity and awareness.

Imagine...checking your list off with compassionate laughter at the comedy of our masks, our saboteurs, our human-ness.

Imagine...stepping into a feeling state that is free from the weight of the mirrors, emotions, patterns.  Imagine...FEELING the spark of creative passion igniting inside you. are DOING something with the awareness, the lesson, the shift, and you are doing it with empowerment and red hot shooting sparkles. are renewed to your authentic Self.  You are balanced in the center of your world, deeply rooted and not going anywhere you don't want to go.  Empowered.


Choosing to live from awareness and surrendering to the flow of life's cycles to further you down the freeway of living your truth is not a way of being our culture promotes or educates us on.  We all have the choice to challenge our mind, body and spirit to sniff out and hunt down our truth.  This also means when we make this choice, we have the responsibility to our Selves to heal and clean up the pollution of our inn world.  Through energy medicine in private sessions, workshops, written word of inspiration and guidance; I assist and guide people to their own empowerment.  I live the work I do. For more information on the healing techniques I offer, updates to my services, products (coming soon), and upcoming events or workshops, visit my website at

When the soul awakens, you must mourn the loss of who you were taught to be and become all of who you are meant to be.