Shadow Medicine


The medicine of the shadow has been following and embracing me since early winter.  It is incredibly comforting to me.  In the dark of the wheel of the year it made sense that this medicine was holding me and excavating the wounds of the ego.  It is not lost on me the "interesting" irony that in the vibrant light bringing of Spring, my shadow work is still in full pedal to the metal.

My light shines brighter in the dark.

I'm realizing that my darkness is not the same entity as my shadow.  The dark thoughts or actions that hold me back are voices from my wounds.  My shadow is where I go to hear these things out, to see them clearly with how they feel; not what they say.  I haven't met anything yet that hides in my shadow that simply desires being heard and healed.  My shadow is an innate healer of these things, the things of ego.  My light is also an innate healer of my actions and my choices. Both make up my true Self.

The more relationship I build with my shadow, the more I experience how compassionate it is because to "see" in the shadow is to feel (not analyze or judge).  This is a place of being fully present and intentional with my process.

Tomorrow, Lorri Woodmansee of Soul Revolution Radio, and I will be discussing more of this topic and I will be offering a guided journey meditation to conduct an introduction to our helpful, healing shadow.

Perspective and intention is everything!