Visiting the Moon


DSCF0939 This weekend has been full of yard work and beautification of my land. My body is ecstatic with exhaustion. My mind is clear thanks to the hungry soil that gobbled my mind chatter up. I swear I heard the Earth burp with satisfaction. My heart is blushing at the newness of my landscape. My soul is open to receive magic. (a wonderful byproduct of the body and mind being too tired to protest to magic being made)

The full moon is tomorrow. But last night, that bitch was having herself a sassy party in the sky. She brought this party through my bedroom invitation...just crashed her party all up in my much needed slumber. I felt a contrast of energy; I was being drawn out to her as her brilliant light drew me inside myself. So, I listened...and I got up to join her party in the night sky. Insanely bright. A day within the night. Once I joined her party, she settled into the quiet zen master; full of sage wisdom and nurturing mystery. The contrasting energy was growing, I felt myself get big enough to reach the moon...and that expansion had me drawing deeper roots going deeper to facilitate the taller branches. I am struggling to find the words to describe this feeling, it was ecstasy...purity...simple...easy...and BIG! The kind of big that makes me feel the medicine of equality. By this I mean; I'm not special or greater than anyone else, and this is a great realization because in this truth I feel motivation to create the cards and courses I want to create simply because my soul wants me to. Allowing myself to energetically get SO big last night brought me to the humility that took the need to be "worthy" out of what I want to create. The purity and power of this contrasting medicine has me seeing and believing that just wanting to create what I want is the reason. End of story. No more discussion. The outcome of the creating isn't the point...the point is creating because you want to, because it feels good, because your soul share with you a story to be told.

I am baffled at the concept of humility being the medicine for the worthy wounds....I feel there is more here and I am excited to explore this concept within my inner wilderness. But for now I say good day to you, and good night to you...consider visiting the moon.