The eyes of waning Summer


Sometimes the best thing I can do for myself is a whole lotta nothin'.  #andsoitis #midweekweekend #ilovethislifenow #savoringsummer16

Sometimes the best thing I can do for myself is a whole lotta nothin'.
#andsoitis #midweekweekend #ilovethislifenow #savoringsummer16

Sitting outside in my strapless summer dress. Coffee in my coveted cauldron mug. Life book. And this luscious waning summer...warm and crisp perfection. I have recently spoke a very scary truth...I hate summer. It is a season of barely getting by energetically and I don’t love it like I “should”. Lammas can’t come soon enough for me. Now that it has and summer is waning...making room for fall...I can see the beauty again and I’m savoring the shit out of it.


This morning air reeks of shocking silence that follows the awareness that the season of turning in, going deep, and getting real. That sticky, sultry silence of itemizing what  is still not done. That pulsing silence that whispers of regret and mourning what you know cannot get done.


This morning air reeks of soft action and brutal compassion that seems to say…let it all go and enjoy today. What can be done is what will get done and that is enough. What isn’t done deserves some gestation during the winter and will be an easy joy to produce next season of turning outward. For now, let it all go and enjoy this day. You have done so much. Look at what you have done. See this checked off project list with the eyes of this luscious waning summer air...what do you see?


These eyes see how perfection is noticing the mess with affection and acceptance. These eyes know that to be of nature is to change slowly over time...not all in one season. These eyes see how healing isn’t a big’s made up of many little magical moments happening in every day, in any moment, all season long, every season, all life long. These eyes have no expectation of self of shift...all they see is now...all they know is now. These eyes know that life is a cauldron of tiny moments of change and every tiny moment is a molecule in the whole being of being a being of nature.

Slow and steady. These eyes. This air. Waning summer. Letting go and letting in. Slow and steady.


What do you see?