The Other Side of Fear


There is a newly popular phrase about fear.  "Feel the fear and do it anyway".  I believe there is a book published with this title recently and I love the concept.  In fact, I always have. When my daughter was a wee thing and starting to recognize the world as a big scary place, I formulated the mantra "it's okay to be scared, but it's not okay to be a coward".  This mantra gave her that extra umph to move through things that were new and uncomfortable.  I have applied this mantra to my adult life many times since it was birthed from my mouth with powerful progress of inner strength and growth. Today I was working on some "homework" for my continuing education in Shamanic Healing. I was observing my feelings around my intention for the class when I recognized fear having a voice.  I began writing about the feeling of the fear, and listening to what the fear had to say.  And insight began to unfold in written words before me.

This fear is a normal, natural response to the unknown, the unknown being "who will I be on the other side of this healing and growth that the fear is reacting to".  I need to be embracing this emotion of fear as it emerges right now, but to also see through the foggy space of my journey before me to see an in-progress version of my future Self.  And from this side, send forward a vision who and what I want to be at the end of this unknown span of space. I will then be creating with intention more of who I am, and not compromise with what I'm given later on.

When these words wrote themselves, I felt a weight lift.  I am standing on the start line of a journey to grow, and sending ahead how I want my life to look when I get there.  This will create a beacon for me to follow along the healing process, and create a familiarity to notice the new Self I will walking into.  I notice a hope in my fear that wasn't there before this insight.  So, now I cross the start line with my fear, my hope, and a creation of my future BEing.