Well, Hello Shadow!


Yes, that's right, the Shadow.  Movies, TV, and stories have depicted this aspect as the part of us that does all the "bad" stuff.  It does all our dirty work that we would normally be ashamed to admit to doing.  From this usage, we not only suffocate this aspect, but we split off from ourselves by separating the Self from the Shadow. From where I stand, the more we cloak our shadow in darkness, the more we feed into its potential toxicity.  I see that when our Shadow feeds off of denial, secrecy, self deprecating thoughts, etc. it has the energy to turn into the creepy saboteur that keeps us in negative patterns, and it has the energy to become the wall separating us from our true Self.  The Self that is whole and balance, with light and dark.

However, if we let it come out for some fresh air, and have a chat with it, feed it our light and our time; it will have the energy to work with us toward healing and self-awareness. Plus, we might just learn something.  I believe and have experienced that our Shadow acts as a holding tank for the things we don't want to deal with, or the things we can't deal with at the time, or the ideas we put off, and a myriad of other subconscious machines.  And just because we shove them there with our denial and hide our Shadow with our guilt, doesn't make all these things go away. So, if we call to our Shadow, have a chat, we might hear another perspective to facilitate change, or solve a problem.  The Shadow could be warning us of a path not in alignment with our highest good.  Since our Shadow is familiar with the depths of the Self, it is an untapped resource to strengthen intuition.  My Shadow helps me "look in the mirror" to see clearly denial, walls, patterns that hold me back, etc.  My Shadow supports, encourages, and holds a safety net for me to navigate through these tough-to-look-at truths so that I may intentionally choose healing or movement forward. I believe that this can be true for anyone willing to work with their shadow.

Here's some helpful tips:

  • Sit quietly and let your body relax.  Bring focus to your breath and let the mind fall asleep.  Send your awareness to the still space between the breathes, where you can open the door to your soul.  Ask to meet your shadow Self.  And simply introduce yourself, and your intention to begin a working relationship with it.  Then let the conversation or visions unfold from there.  Release any grip of judgment or analytical resistance.
  • If you feel a wave of anxiety, self destructive thoughts, or depression enter your reality, allow yourself to see this wave as a code or signal from your Shadow.  What is it trying to tell you, what could you be doing differently, how could you be thinking differently?  Let the answers flow as wisdom and adjust your perspective accordingly.
  • If waking from a nightmare; sink into the realm of the Shadow as it is within you.  Was there a message in that nightmare or disturbing dream?  From the Shadow's eyes, what do you see differently about the dream?

You can also find your own way to connect with your Shadow.  The map is within you, just take the time to pull it out and start the journey.  Your Shadow is waiting to meet you, and can't wait to begin a partnership in creating a whole, balanced, wise true Self.

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